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How To Get A Student Loan For College

Thomas Said:

Should I drop out of college or would I end up a failure if I do?

We Answered:

you gotta figure this stuff out for yourself, but i'll tell you unless you're taking a program for yourself you most likely won't do good in it....or if you do pursue it what's the point of getting a degree in something you aren't interested and ending up in a job you's better to be poor and do something you enjoy then make money in a job you hate..... hope you find your path

Kurt Said:

how can i get a college student loan?

We Answered:

it all depend upon credit history as well as credit score there are many on-line sources who provide student loan for people have any credit situation, for your reference my one of friend had recently consolidated his student loan from there with bad credit and also with minimum rate of interest, you can try this source may this could help you.

Margie Said:

If my parents have bad credit will it affect me being able to get a student loan for college?

We Answered:

First things first:
Go to the FAFSA site and get the paperwork started. You have to do that anyway and the sooner you start the better.

Then, if you haven't been applying to universities, again you'd better start now. What school you go to has a big effect on what you get in the way of financial aid.

For Stafford loans, your parents' situation won't affect YOUR ability to get money in your name but it will affect THEIR ability to get the Plus or Parent loan. Stafford loans do not require a cosigner; only private loans require a cosigner.

Bad credit means they've not paid their bills on time. If that is the case, then your parents would have to apply for their portion of financial aid and be turned down. At that point, you are eligible to apply in your own name.

Sounds to me like you're fretting; afraid of something. My suggestion is to get started on the application process soon and see what happens. If you do all the paperwork properly you will get straight answers about what you're eligible for and what you're not.
Be sure to work closely with the Financial Aid office at whatever university you choose. They can tell you about state grants and scholarships (that you don't have to pay back), and other options like Work Study.

Mattie Said:

How do I get a student loan for college? ?

We Answered:


Start with the excellent reference that I've linked to, below. This is a US Department of Education pamphlet called "Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid." If you'd rather not read it online (it's pretty short), you can also ask the guidance office at your school for a copy. The booklet is particularly helpful, because it explains the entire financial aid system - talking about things like loans, grants, scholarships and work-study. You'll learn who is eligible, how to apply, and how much is available.

One of the things that you'll definitely learn from reading this pamphlet is that the US government is far and away the largest source of financial aid assistance for college students. The government provides tens of billions of dollars every year, and everyone is eligible for at least one form of financial aid - the Stafford loan program. Other forms of aid, called "need-based" aid, are only available to applicants who demonstrate "exceptional need". That's about 1 out of ever 3 students who apply.

When you read the booklet, you'll also learn that the different states, and the schools themselves are other good sources of financial assistance - some states, like New York, California, and Florida have very large programs that provide a lot of financial aid. You'll also learn a little bit about scholarships - a form of aid that is used to recognize and reward students who have demonstrated exceptional promise in academics, athletics or the performance arts.

Finally, you'll learn that the least desirable form of aid, the "private" or "alternative" educational loan is both very, very expensive, and very difficult to find. I know you have heard and read about the international banking and credit crisis - one of the most concrete consequences of this crisis is that most lenders are staying far away from educational lending. That's the great thing about the government's Stafford lending program - it's readily available to everyone, the interest rates are low and fixed, you don't need a cosigner to apply, and your income and credit history is irrelevant.

I hope the booklet helps you - I think you'll learn a lot about the aid that's available and how to apply. If you are a high school senior, this is something that you absolutely must address right away. Deadlines for the next academic year (2009-2010) are literally right around the corner.

Good luck!

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