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How To Recruit Students For College

Myrtle Said:

How embarrassing for Obama? Can't get college students to attend his teleprompter sessions?

We Answered:

I'm amazed anyone would show up at all.

Lorraine Said:

No longer disbanding, but parting ways with founding mentors. What to say & do?

We Answered:

I am not sure about either of your questions, too wordy and unclear, but in regard to the group:
1. Have a written statement of the goals of the group.
2. Outline the types of performances that will achieve that goal.
3. Define the qualifications of the leadership which includes specific requirements that indicate how successful that could be achieving the goals of the group. This requires references and credits of past performances.

By definition, this should exclude your current couple. Best wishes.

Tammy Said:

Do you appreciate Obama's cult tactics in trying to recruit college students for votes?

We Answered:

I thought the whole point was to get people that don't know who they're going to vote for to vote for you... College students are more easily swayed because they haven't been brainwashed by as much yet and they still have an open mind. It's way better than some of the more conservative older people that vote a straight ticket (the dumbest thing to do ever).

Christina Said:

To my college,i-flex is coming to recruit students this year.Can anybody tell me something about this company?

We Answered:

Yoda help you he will.

Joy Said:

Why do large colleges recruit students?

We Answered:

They're trying to recruit better students, who will graduate and either make them famous or send them lots of money in donations. Sure, they could fill up the class with C students from local high schools, but that's not going to be a very successful class or make them look good.

Joy Said:

Do you appreciate Obama's cult tactics in trying to recruit college students for votes?

We Answered:

You mean the cream of the crop of young people who are fresh from all those government and politics classes? Those intelligent people that are more interested in politics than most other elligible voters?

That should prove that Obama is a great candidate, if anything, because the smart young people who are fresh and understand politics because of their tough classes know enough to vote for him.

Cult? Yea right.

Obama 08.

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