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Intern Jobs For College Students

Sergio Said:

shy college student wanting a intern?

We Answered:

First of all- forget the "shy" part of your personality. In business, shy does not belong in the dictionary. You are grown up now, and it is time to realize that while being shy is okay outside, when it comes to a job, you have to shine. Finding an internship can be tough, and it is often necessary to be aggressive. Look on, or a bunch of other websites you can google for internships. Or look through your school, they often have connections to internships.

It is time to practice communicating, instead of letting your insecurities control your life.

Take control!
Good luck <3

Becky Said:

How can I get a job in LA after college?

We Answered:

Well it probably won't be easy....any easier than New York.
I have known of other beginning graduates that got beginning jobs in a well known financial company....then planned on moving up, or building a resume that way.

I'm not well up on that area, but I do know that areas with less people, have more opportunity. Have you thought of trying for an area with less population than New York or LA. The reason is the more people that are there, the more difficult the competition. Maybe you should get your "foot in the door" somewhere else....another state....and then move up. You are picking the most difficult areas.

Or here is my other suggestion. Be really nervy and persistent, wherever you go. My son taught me this. Have a lot of nerve and approach people you wouldn't ordinarily go to see....get interviews and be really impressive by having the nerve to say "you need me, because I will be a great employee for you". My son has that kind of nerve.

He got a whole film institute going on the Queen Mary in Long Beach with no money, and no knowing anyone...but by going to the Mayor of the City and asking for it. During this time, he had me...his mother....calling to ask for donations of food for the employees (the volunteer employees), which they gave freely and helping the whole thing. It taught me that having the courage to step out can accomplish amazing things.

So decide that is what you will do, and you will be surprised.
People respond to confident attitudes. Tell them "you need me"...and mean it, and then follow through and be the best employee they ever had...and you'll go places, no matter where you start.

Alex Said:

how can students prepare themselves in college for a dream job?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Lillie Said:

Can I intern for a business that I own?

We Answered:

Colleges usually have to check out the business.And you usually have to submit the name of your boss.They will call and verify.I don't know if your college will actually do a full background check.You should ask the college. Also you should ask if running your business could count as intern credits.

Its better to ask and get the answer upfront. If you do get away with it and they eventually find out. They will just take away the credits.

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