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Internship Opportunities For College Students

Andrew Said:

Internship opportunites for people with below a 2.5 GPA, are there any?

We Answered:

talk to your school's internship program and let them know what type of work your looking for,im sure penn state has the best guidance around so they will know what to do to help you out(thats why its so expensive too...:) )

Max Said:

Where to find best internship opportunities ONLINE?

We Answered:

The best internships are not necessarily at the big name companies./ You should sort them out by yourself. Do not overly rely on this medium.

Margie Said:

How do I start relationships with a company abroad to create an internship opportunity for graduating students?

We Answered:

SS (or Gestapo

Mario Said:

When to take an internship in college?

We Answered:

well , the choice is for you to make.
I am on the same boat as you.
I am also debating whether I should take my GRE or go for an internship.

I figured out for myself that finishing the MS first and then doing internship is a better option because

(i) It is hard to go back to school after you have taken job. You are switching a mode which is hard.

(ii) You will get a better internship after you Masters. So why waste time on something comparatively inferior?

(iii) If it is a paid internship you will get paid more after your masters.

(iv) You can intern in the summer while doing your masters.

Good Luck!!!

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