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Internships For College Students In India

Jerome Said:

what companies offer internship for aeronautical engg students in India.?

We Answered:

Jetwings technologies Bangalore

Yvonne Said:

Kensington college of business or College of technology london in UK?

We Answered:

These are not proper colleges like the state run ones. You'll be wasting your money as no employer will have heard of them.

University of Wales and Lampeter are both fine- perfectly good.

At the moment, there are big problems getting placements, even jobs after graduation.

You need to do the IELTS to get into somewhere decent. Your written Engish seems good. Do it so you can get into a good uni. Don't try and save money and go somewhere useless.

Ella Said:

What's the best way to reach out to college students in India to mentor them?

We Answered:

Being a student myself, i would find it worth-while, if the mentor, could understand the present mentality of students. They are much obsessed with the worlds fancy living type of life. They require great stories that would suit their personal interests. Thats one reason, and one big reason for the Boom! of the cinema industry. They are using the right person/s to do the right job. So you could be that right person, to do the right job of teaching the students.

The transition in culture has turned much more influensive to their lives. They live like the western-cultured. They are loosing control of their present values, our own culture is what is best! Despite this great downfall, we do understand that the ethnic likes, towards more western attire, fancy bikes & cars, latest trends in reading (topics) which includes topics deeply towards love & romance while someother depend on techno-zines is how our present generation spend their time.

Making examples of these and creating some-sort of a relevance towards whatever the topic is a very successful technique in getting the total focus towards the teachings. (The example should make sense, ifn't it turns to be a sick joke played over yourself, simply a suicide.) You would require to get involved in these trends and expertise them to a certain extent. If not thinking of this is worthless.

Language is one another fact that creates a great impression over the students. Try these tips out! They are dynamic, it could turn in favour of you or rather not. Try it at your own risk!

Mentor the latest students, to Mentor Them!

Ross Said:

What to do after you have messed your college life, disappointed those you respect?

We Answered:

I am answering your general question posted in title. The thing you need to do is pick yourself up and move on with life. This is the only one you get. Realize some of your choices sucked and don't make the same mistakes. Stop chasing after love in the circles you are currently in, because obviously you aren't making good connections. You can do this! Good luck.

Jack Said:

Summer break for college student?

We Answered:

It is late to look for a summer internship.

That said use your favorite search engine and indicate the area you want your internship followed by the type of internship that you are seeking./

Joanne Said:

i've done BAMS from an avg. college in ratlam(M.P.)(india), & doing internship from there. i wanna do P.G.....

We Answered:

Unfortunately the countries which you have mentioned they don't recognise Ayuerveda and the degree which you are enrolled in India, might not get any recognition. Had it been MBBS, then you would have ample of opportunities. It is better for you to stay in India, you can try for admission, but possibility of getting one doesn't seem to be easy.

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