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Internships For College Students In Michigan

Kirk Said:

What are my chances of getting a job with Goldman Sachs?

We Answered:

The biggest thing in your favor is having had an internship at Goldman already. If you made a stellar impression then you have at least as good a chance of being hired as anyone else with your qualifications. The only down side is potentially that you did your undergrad at the same place as your MBA. That is unusual that you would not have gone to get different experiences and style of instruction, and it could be perceived as having taken the easy way out. Also it's difficult to tell from your question, but your chances also are better of being hired, if you had relevant work experience between the undergrad and the graduate school. I hope they loved you. Goldman Sachs is probably the very best investment banking firm in the country. :)

Brent Said:

Need a Job in Computer Science Field As a Student?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Leslie Said:

Can you answer a few questions about the Disney College Program?

We Answered:

1. YES absolutely! some disney professional internships are only offered to DCP alums

2. yes, i took the "exploring communication processes at WDW" course. we met for i think 8 weeks (once a week, 2 hours) and it was very interesting.

3. you will have to find out from your insurance company. i was technically still considered a student so i was covered

4. i think so. i took summer classes to catch up so i wouldn't have to stay at school an extra semester

Rodney Said:

Extracurricular activities for college app?

We Answered:

We like to see extracurricular activities that somehow relate to the student's proposed major.
Track for 4 years shows a lot, and oddly enough is considered an intellectual pursuit - as opposed to football, for example. Nobody ever refers to track members as "dumb jocks." By all means don't get injured - keep up with that sport.

Think of Science Olympiad to enhance math, science, and engineering.
Any kind of rah-rah activities for sociology, psychology, business and education - boosters club for example.

You'll probably do just fine. When you get your SAT scores, go to one of the free online services and see which schools are admitting students with your qualifications. Apply to at least three - admissions can be cruel. My favorites are College Matchmaker and The Princeton Review.

Gordon Said:

Does Where you get Bachelor's matter for Grad school?

We Answered:

Absolutely it is possible. The key is if your school is accredited. If it is, then there are core requirements that are standardized across all accredited colleges. Grad school will look at anyone who successfully completed an accredited undergrad program.

Now if you're boarderline on acceptance, then factors such as how prestigious your undergrad was may (stress- MAY) come into affect. A 3.2 from Stanford may be equal to a 3.5 from Grand Valley, but it's impossible to know exactly what the admissions committee is looking for. In fact, since there are many criteria (GPA, recommendations, essays, GRE, school diversity, overall fit into the program etc., etc) there is no one factor which will get you in or out.

With a 3.8 and strong GRE (or whatever test you take) score, you should be a strong contender, even at a top school.

Oscar Said:

I think I'm failing high school or am I fine where I am?

We Answered:

Ya bro just sleep with a teacher or something

Jesus Said:

Can I get into the University of Michigan, UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, the University of Texas, and/or Baylor?

We Answered:

I think you are on your way to all of these schools. UCLA and USC are always unpredictable though, my friend was in the top ten at my school and did not get into UCLA or USC, and he was from California.

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