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Internships For College Students In New Jersey

Mitchell Said:

Teaching abroad (especificaly in Spain)?

We Answered:

Especificaly - lol Half Spanish, half English!!! I love it!

Hey, getting a work permit for Spain, especificaly, and, I'm pretty sure, most of Europe, is getting harder and harder, especially for Americans, as we are not EU. Jobs go to the EU people first.

That said: what IS available, you ought to be able to find here:…

Start with CIEE. I know them, and they are reputable, and will make suer things are set up well.

Any of those companies, if they are worth going with, will make sure, before you leave, that you have a placement and visa, and will help you locate suitable lodging.

Pedro Said:

Cheap Colleges/Universities in the big apple?

We Answered:

I know CUNY Hunter is really good, and cheap but I don't think that many people go there that aren't from the city.

I have heard of people applying to the new school eugene lang (i'm not exactly sure how its called but if you search the new school you will find it) but it isnt cheap!

also SUNY Purchase, its not in NYC but its close, in westchester is good for communications, art and film so you should check it out. its a state school, but it still will be cheap for you

Pedro Said:

Would anyone proofread my college acceptance essay?

We Answered:

You have written a good essay. However, it is not a great essay. It could become the latter with more work. A great essay usually requires about four drafts, each of which should be critiqued by more than one person.

You have a few very minor errors in grammar and syntax, mostly the latter. You have done a very good job of narrating personal experiences. Your method of connecting of these experiences to FIT and a career is acceptable, but could be improved.

Your last two paragraphs are going in the right direction, but become a bit more trite with each line. They will be fine if they are reworked.

I suggest leaving out the sentence with the quotation entirely. In fact, it is probably the only sentence which weakens the essay as a whole. Being aware that it is a cliche, you should not be including it at all. The admissions officer wants to read an applicant's own words and does not care which songs the applicant knows!

I do detailed line-by-line revisions of essays for several applicants each week. Of course I do not charge. It is my way of doing "community service". I recently edited a novel which was published this month.

If you would like me to suggest specific revisions in your essay, please email me. I will reply with directions for sending it to me in the on-line format which I use for revisions.

Thank you for the opportunity to read one of the most interesting essays I have seen lately.

Ryan Said:

Which university is better; TAMU(college station) or Rutgers (Piscataway)?

We Answered:

TAMU is for engineering
but overall, Rutgers has a better reputation...BY FAR

Sean Said:

PLEASE HELP! Will an MC-1017 Violation received in Camden New Jersey show up on a background check?

We Answered:

Yes, it will show but I don't think is going to be against you. Good luck!!

Jerry Said:

Transferring from a community college to a good university/school?

We Answered:

Many people get free scholorships to community colleges, but go to a university instead. If that's what you wanted to do, nothing bad about. You mention your scholorship was to attend a community college for free 2 years, than any NJ university free after that... so does this contract/application sorta have guaranteed admission into a certain NJ school? Contracts like that usually do.
I wouldn't stress out about it, you may have a good chance of acceptance. I mean at least you went to the community college for 2 years while others go for one then jump to transfer.
I plan to attend Michigan State University, but when I heard about a group of former 12th graders from my school planning to attend Michigan State University in 2009 I began to raise questions. Why? Well they are/ were horrible students in high school and got terrible grades, then decided they can make it all up by going to a community college for just a year, and have a okay GPA maybe around a 3.0 then transfer to MSU. Where others claim they will be accepted, reguardless that they barely past their classes, attending a community college for a year, and soon to transfer.
Looks like you've done more than that, so that's why I assume your chances are well.

Peggy Said:

How and can I get into Columbia-currently a freshman?

We Answered:

Ha, you say that 3 family members of yours went to Colombia already? That makes you a legacy. With that in consideration, keep what you're doing, and you're already going to be accepted due to the fact you are a legacy. You're set, and you don't even have to work hard due to your family! But still, keep up the grades and activities! :)

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