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Internships For College Students In New York City

Randy Said:

which college? which study? what major?

We Answered:

wow slow down.... learn how to write proper sentences, choose a school to go to in which you can get in and fits your needs, and see how it plays from there.

Bobby Said:

College of Mount Saint Vincent - Riverdale, NY?

We Answered:

No, not really. It's a bit of a nothing school, but Riverdale is a sweet ride. Lots of good breakfast places. If you like french toast, especially, Riverdale is known for that stuff. Like really!

Terrence Said:

If I am using mysql and php to build a db driven site, wat wud be the optimal range before i have problems?

We Answered:

Most of PHP application performance issues are caused by server settings. Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, spoke at php|works conference in Toronto in September. During his address, he demonstrated an example of server optimization; an application went from handling 17 requests per second to handling 1,100 requests per second without any changes to the code, only by tweaking with Apache and MySQL settings...

Mary Said:

Which city has the most/best opportunities? New York, Florida or Cailfornia?

We Answered:

The University of Florida consistently has one of the top-ranked journalism programs in the country, but I've rarely seen schools from New York or California make that list. Some other journalism schools that often populate that list are Missouri, Northwestern, Indiana, Iowa and UNC-Chapel Hill.

But if you're limiting your choices to those three states, it sounds like the University of Florida is your best bet.

That being said, the journalism college you go to doesn't mean a whole lot if you don't apply it well. Some of the best journalists I've ever met while working as one went to tiny colleges you've probably never heard of.

Chris Said:

GPA required for Columbia graduate program in finance?

We Answered:

I would aim for a 3.5, but even if you're only at about a 3.0 I'd still apply. They let in as low as 3.0 GPA, but will obviously prefer higher when they can get them.

Jeffery Said:

What are Some Good Places to Live Near New York City?

We Answered:

Many dont realize, but the best kept secret is actually Northern Manhattan in a little forgotten, but up and coming neighborhood called Inwood. Still moderately cheap compared to the rest of Manhattan, and is about as expensive as the outer boros.

Great thing is you live in Manhattan! You can take the A-Train downtown in 20 minutes, you also have the 1-train nearby. Many parks, and the people are young professionals, old-timers, and artists as well.

A little south of Inwood is Washington Heights which is also experiencing a revival. Important thing to know is dont go below 170th street, or above 125th street. These areas are still a bit rough and should wait a couple more years on them

Leona Said:

cover letter for summer internship?

We Answered:

I think what you have is okey.. Anyway I'll share to you some guidelines in case you want to make some changes.

Internship cover letters follow the same writing format with other cover letters types. The only difference would be the absence of the section where applicants usually detail work experience. Students can substitute this portion with details of their skills and know-how. The general format of an internship cover letter is as follows:

* The Header which contains the applicant's address and contact details, the recipient's contact details, and the date the correspondence is sent. Optional reference sections, e.g. like the 'RE' (reply in email) are also placed in the header section.

* The Introduction contains a few sentences that briefly but specifically states the intent of the letter. Salutations are ignored. The introduction should be written in a way designed to pique the employer's immediate interest.

* The Body contains all the details not stated in the Introduction. This section emphasizes on the details that sell the applicant's know-how. Typically this section explains the applicant's interest in the job and how he or she would be of value to the employer.

* The Closing. A closing sums up the letter, and indicates the next step the applicant expects to take. By virtue of purpose, the applicant should always request for an interview in the closing section.

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