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Internships For College Students In Washington Dc

Terry Said:

Should I stay or should I go? Big decision?

We Answered:

Go, things will happen with or without you at home, but you will still be able to talk to people from home. You should never miss out on an oppurtunity because you don't want to leave home. I did and I still regret it. My sister didn't- she went to KY for a year and we lived life with out her but she fell back into place with out any problems when she moved back. She didn't get homesick as bad as she thought she would either.

Mattie Said:

I am going to graduate college May 2009 but...?

We Answered:

The longer You stay away, the harder this COULD be, to return.

I have, " been there done that "

Take a deep breath,,keep that positive attitude!,,,,,,go! and don't look back!!

Connie Said:

Non-profit work in Washington, DC?

We Answered:

The best way to get your foot in the door at nonprofits is to volunteer (unpaid work). You can use
to find volunteering activities in DC. Remember that finding a volunteering activity is like finding a job -- you have to apply several times before you are chosen.

If you want paid work -- what can you *do*? What skills do you have? Just like any business, a nonprofit needs employees with at least some kind of skills. Are you great at answering phones? Can you type? You could use the above web sites to identify in nonprofits in your area, and then call ones that look interesting to you to see if they have part-time work for someone with your skills. Also, look in the classifieds for weekly and daily newspapers in your area -- nonprofits advertise there with jobs.

If you are needing money and some experience, contact temp agencies. They probably won't place you at a nonprofit, but you will be getting two things you are looking for (money and experience for your resume).

Yvonne Said:

what are the chances of me going to a elite college(northwestern, university of chicago, UVA,duke,ucla,ucsf?

We Answered:

Absolutely. You have a good SAT score, a good GPA, great extracurriculars, and you have taken on a very rigorous courseload (all those AP classes...great job.)
U Washington is a safety
William & Mary is a safety/target
Wash U St. Louis is a target
Vanderbilt is a target
Rice is a target
Carnegie Mellon is a target/reach
UCLA is a target
UC Berkeley is a target/reach
UVA is a target/reach

Jessie Said:

Georgetown, Washington DC question?

We Answered:

A lot of the universities in DC offer summer intern housing. I would not put off getting your housing lined up as these rooms fill up quickly.

How much money you need depends on your spending habits. If you stick to free events (which there are a ton of) then you'd need just enough to cover your room and food and probably $30ish for transit a week. You just need to watch your going out. It's not hard to rack up a $100+ bar tab in a one night going out in DC.

Ramona Said:

Internships for International Relations majors with no expierence in Washington DC?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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