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Internships For College Students India

Craig Said:

Stanford: GPA or ExtrasCs?

We Answered:

Both. Try to balance doing both. Mostly everyone who applies to Stanford has ridiculous credentials and is probably qualified in terms of their GPAs, test scores. But I think what sets one of those applicants apart from the others are the extra curricular, etc, everything that can define that person as unique and something that Stanford would want. Keep in mind, valedictorians/perfect SAT scorers get rejected. Your EC's sound great though. Hope you can write well. Good luck!

Btw, is that GPA cumulative.?

Rebecca Said:

What do you think of my personal statement essay for UC prompt 1?

We Answered:

Don't say "finally" when it is the third sentence of your paper.
When you say "with a BS..." it sounds like you already have one. Instead, you could say, "After earning my BS..."
The second sentence of your second paragraph is very wordy. I would shorten it and say, "While there, I studied physics, chemistry, and biology"
I wouldn't focus on HOW you don't like Biology, but WHY you like it since that is your intended major.
Also, the question doesn't ask if you like it or not, but about your experience in the field you are interested in and what you have gained from it, so you might want to take that into consideration in your second paragraph. Don't explain what Biology is, but about what it is that you did while in India that relates to Biology.
There is no such word as "lernt"
I wouldn't say "wide field"
In the third paragraph, you are getting ahead of yourself and talking about your goals, but that is not what they are asking for. They want to know what you have learned from your experience.
You talk about tutoring, which is fine, but when you talk about tutoring other students in various subjects, you need to be sure your grammar is correct. (and yes, even though mine is not correct here)
Try to NOT use contractions.
Don't state the same thing over again "I volunteer each week as a tutor for elementary to high school students" ..."I enjoy helping every student with any subject"... "This work helps me gain teaching experience and allows me to teach at different grade levels" (You are not a teacher yet right?)
You have quite a few "helps, interest," and "teach" words, and you should put in different adjectives or nouns.... however you are using them.
Try to focus on the positive instead of the negative. For example, you have "subject that I disliked,...not yet taken many biology courses," and "haven't gotten the chance to take the courses of my choice"
Sorry if that was harsh, and there are more things you could work on in this short paper, but there is some advice for you to take or to toss. Good luck.

Joan Said:

Environmental Internship question?

We Answered:

My business touches environment management to some extent. However, we have Director General of Department of Environment, Dhaka Division, E-16, Agargaon, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh who can possible reply you if you can be engaged officially for any project in Bangladesh.

You may also contact the following address:

BRAC University:
66 Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212,

Ph: +88 (02) 8853948-9
Fax: +88 (02) 8810383

E-mail: (General information), (Registrar)

The basic purpose of the year-long Post Graduate Diploma Program in South Asian Development and Cooperation Studies is to educate and train students from different walks of life in issues of sustainable development and cooperation in South Asia. An important objective of the program is to go beyond nationalistic curricula and sensitize participants about problems of regional development. This will help to bring about mutual appreciation amongst neighboring countries and to develop a regional perspective of issues. The program will also provide a forum for promoting mutual respect and understanding and thus, set the stage for regional cooperation to promote peaceful coexistence.

They may offer internship for the subject you have mentioned (Environmental Management and Global Business and Public Policy)

Best of Luck and thanks for the generous intention to help us.

Bessie Said:

How good are my chances to be hired in the USA?

We Answered:

You promised to go home after obtaining your degree. It was a condition of received a Student Visa. You should have gone back.

However, you state you have somehow obtained or will obtain a "green card". In that case, you will find two trends in conflict:

First you have a good degree, with a respectable GPA.

Second, your degree is in a "culturally sensitive area", meaning employers who hire supervisors/managers with a degree in "Organizational Leadership and Superision" will normally require many years of native experience in the USA. Just as, for example, it would not do to hire a Chinese Manager with no experience to lead a department in Mumbai, it makes little sense to hire an Indian Manager to supervise a department in Nashville.

In summary, you will have difficulty in obtaining a position in this difficult economy, except perhaps in an curry restaurant, or night shift manager in a motel.

Colleen Said:

What college is right for me? ?

We Answered:

Everything else sounds amazing (maybe take a few more APs), but what happened on the ACT? The full score is 36, so you basically got 75%. Colleges will probably ask questions about that when they see your application.

Keep in mind, Princeton's early program in particular is *extremely* self-selective - only the elite among Princeton's already very selective applicant pool apply early.

Maybe try taking the standarized tests again - if you get above a 34 on the ACT, then I'd say you're in as good of a shape applying to Princeton and Harvard as anyone can get.

Good luck.

ps - Your Sports Illustrated internship suggests an interest in journalism. Have you considered Northwestern?

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