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Internships In San Diego For College Students

Virgil Said:

Do you think I can Transfer to UC San Diego?

We Answered:

UC San Diego offers TAG agreements with community colleges which gives community college students guaranteed admission to UC San Diego for those who sign an Agreement. As a part of the agreement you pretty much have declare a major, finish all the undergrad courses that your community college offers that are required for that major and maintain a certain GPA set by UC San Diego (if I had to guess it's around 2.9-3.2) It varies based on major.

I think you have a pretty good chance, but i'm not too familiar with the regular admission process. I think you sound like you would probably get accepted if I had to guess based on what other people who get accepted are probably like. I got accepted into UC davis using TAG. Many students do, some people never hear about TAG and apply the normal way. It's about 50/50 of those who do and don't, I saw the statistics somewhere once. It sounds like if you had a TAG agreement they would be forced to accept you judging on your GPA (you also can't fail any classes while on the agreement). Your part of the agreement is a little more complicated then that, but not much. TAG agreements are easy to obtain, just talk to your counselor about it ASAP.

UCLA and UC Berkeley do NOT do TAG. UC San Diego does however. I was considering UC San Diego but I had my heart set on Davis, plus the San Diego requirements for my major were greater than Davis (San Diego wanted me to do chem).

Another plus of TAG: You don't need to write an essay when you apply like you normally do. It's a guaranteed acceptance so they ask you to write one but you don't have to.

Sometimes schools look for different thing. I had a friend who transferred from community college and applied to UC Davis, Irvine, UCLA, and San Diego. Got reject from Irvine and Davis but got accepted into UCLA and San Diego, ended up choosing San Diego.

I think your friend might be exaggerating or referring to a 4.0 GPA of a high school student which is a total different thing. A 4.0 is much more difficult to achieve in college then it is in high school.

Also I don't think UC San Diego is going to care much about your high school GPA. I could be wrong, possibly very wrong.

I will also say that it sounds like you might be too late for a TAG agreement, as I believe you have to sign up for them in advance and it sounds like you're applying right now. If that's the case then good luck. I think you have a shot.

Margie Said:

What could I do over the summer to help me get into UCLA?

We Answered:

Wow, no one answered this one?

I'm a UCLA grad and in high school I was involved in mostly academic year activities: Football, CSF, Academic Decathlon, Academic Olympiad. Personally, I didn't do much during the summers except play video games. I got lucky.

On the extreme end, my friend, also a UCLA grad, got into UCLA's med school by learning conversational Spanish in the span of two months and traveling to Costa Rica and helping out in a rural missionary village.

Now, you could do the same thing in spirit by getting an unpaid (you're looking for paid, that's why they want college students. Firms would take you if you were unpaid and showed some real motivation) law internship in San Diego. Hell, find ANY lawyer and help them out. I wouldn't let those answers of "no" you already received stop me. Immigrant or criminal law would be easy choices, of course. Honestly, the more noble the effort, the better. If it means having to learn another language, how awesome would that be?! Also, imagine the personal statement you'll be able to write for your admissions packet too!

Really wish you the best of luck.

Karl Said:

Why is UCR looked down on, and how are my chances in getting into Occidental College?

We Answered:

First of all, I truly am sorry that your mother is being so hard on you. I just want to say congratulations on all of your great achievements! Be proud of yourself; you should like a very cultured and informed individual. I am also a senior in high school and I applied to Occidental as well as Pitzer. I'm hoping that I get into these schools as well, but they are very hard to get into. I am very very shocked that you didn't get admitted into SDSU. That's strange because UCR is significantly harder to get into than San Diego State.

As for UCR, this is not a bad school, by any means. I think that it gets looked down upon because in comparison to many of the other UCs, it's not as good. I mean, Riverside isn't known to be a great area (in terms of activities and what not), but don't let that fool you, it's still a good school. I think that I have heard jokes made about drugs there, but I mean, any school is going to have partying; it's just a matter of whether or not you choose to participate in that. From the sound of it, you're a very well-rounded student. Although you may not have the highest GPA and test scores, you do have many other things that will help you at private schools more so than public schools. If you don't get into some of the private schools that you applied to, I would probably be more surprised that you got into public schools, because public schools tend to emphasize grades and scores more than private schools. This is because private schools are allowed to accept people based on whatever they want. For example, I am Hispanic and Occidental is a Hispanic-serving school. They place a large emphasis on race and ethnicity, which could also help you. They are very focused on multicultural studies and diversity, which clearly is something that you are associated with (which I also happen to think is very cool!).

Lastly, I want to say, don't be surprised if you don't get into these schools (Occidental and Pitzer). Both of those schools are very difficult to get into, and we both are below their average for GPA as well as standardized test scores. I'm not getting my hopes up, but at the same time, I have SOME sort of hope. If by chance I get in, I would be very happy, but if I don't, it's okay because I have prepared myself for a rejection (as sad as that sounds, it's just realistic). You can't rely on thinking you're going to get into these schools, because in reality, they're very difficult to get into. But I would say that I think you have a better chance of getting into the private schools that focus on race/ethnicity/diversity/outside activities (such as your internships/everything that you've done that deals with multiculturalism and your faith).

Now, for me, I have gotten into some of my top schools, so that's why I'm not too worried about whether or not I get into Occidental/Pitzer (although Oxy is probably my top choice), but for you, if you haven't gotten into any other schools that you're interested in/that your mother would allow you to attend, you should go to community college for two years, really try to focus there and raise your gpa/get all of your GEs out of the way/follow the curriculum of whatever school you want to attend (I'm assuming it would be Oxy, in your case) and then transferring will be VERY easy.

I hope that all of this has helped, I wish you luck in your decision-making process, and if you have any further questions, be sure to ask!

Beth Said:

In a bad economy, what's best for secondary education?

We Answered:

I'm sort of behind the opinion that it's not a good time to graduate in this economy... If you can find a way of making income without having to get loans, it might be a good idea to ride it out for a few years.

Catherine Said:

Summer internship in Mechanical engineering?

We Answered:

Good luck. Chances are, you're way to late. Every company I know (in my area) filled all of their positions weeks ago.

Stacy Said:

How can I convince my dad to let me do an internship in London?

We Answered:

Maybe it's not so much a trust issue as it is the fact that he knows that the time he has left with you is limited and wants to keep you close for as long as he can before you go to college...on the other side of the Atlantic!!!? Look, you have presented him with all the evidence supporting what an amazing opportunity this is for you; you are solid there, I mean, he gets it. Now you need to cover the safety aspect. Do research on who is running the program, where you will be living (is it a safe neighborhood?) who you will be living with, what will your schedule be like...all the logistics need to be covered, I mean you need to show him that you know what to expect as if you had already done the internship. Also, maintaining communication is KEY. Purchase an international plan so he can reach you at any time; reassure him that you will always be just a phone call or email away. And finally, be understanding; try and talk to him as openly as you can and make him realize that this is your dream, chances are he gets it and, again, he is just afraid of losing you.

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