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Larry Said:

What do you think of my book outline? (Young Adult Thriller)?

We Answered:

That other guy is joking, or at least I hope so..

But you shouldn't post this stuff on here because people will steal your ideas. If you want it critiqued, then give a shorter summary showing only the gist of what it is about without handing out too much information for someone to steal.

Ellen Said:

Is it right to deny an equal right to free speech to people because their OPPONENTS might get violent?

We Answered:

Canada does not have free speech. In Canada the principles of community standards and public interests are the primary adjudicants of what may be published or broadcast by the media. In most respects, Canadian law takes a relatively liberal interpretation of community standards, although sometimes the existence of competing interpretations results in controversy.

Over the twentieth century, standards shifted from a "strong state-centred practice" done to protect the community for perceived social degradation, to a more decentralised censorship practiced by societal groups invoking state support to restrict the free speech abilities of political and ideological opponents. Subsequently, Canada is believed to have more hate crime legislation forbidding certain ideas from being promulgated than any other country in the world.

Carlos Said:

Rate my plot outline? (Young adult thriller)?

We Answered:

Confusing but VERY thrilling
it's great but change it a bit
6.5/10 so far.

Joel Said:

I'm trying to write a book and need help!?

We Answered:

Sounds fun enough to read. Make sure you figure out what audience your targeting, and include all the parts that that audience would want to see. I'm up for personal romantic things because its reality, without, life is a little bit boring..

Realisticness is what would make your journal book sell.

Christopher Said:

Israel. Another war? Does this ship have weapons aboard, other than slingshots, sticks and stones?

We Answered:

They MURDERED Rachel Corrie,....and they will MURDER those on the ship named after Rachel Corrie also.

These MANIACS,..and that is what the Israeli Government are (not the Jewish People, the Government of Israel) MANIACS,.....They WANT a WAR.

They WANT another WORLD WAR.

These terrorists have all their plans for a World Government, and it will be a TOTALITARIAN WORLD GOVERNMENT.

They are Mentally Ill,....sick, need of medication.

William Said:

Anyone know where I can receive 30 thousand dollars? great cause?

We Answered:

Sadly, your best bet is lotto tickets.

Terry Said:

What are my chances at amherst college?

We Answered:

I agree...your chances look VERY good -- especially if you can bring your SAT's up even more. I think if you get a 2250-2400, you'll be practically irresistible to Amherst!

If you've studied a foreign language, that's also a plus.

Here, this link might help:…

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