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Israel Summer Programs For College Students

Virgil Said:

what are my chances of getting into harvard/princeton next year?

We Answered:

Harvard, Princeton, and MIT are all incredibly difficult to get into and all reaches for everyone. Your application seems competitive at those schools, but is not the best that I've seen even tonight (the writer of another question I answered seems like a better fit for MIT than you are). Go ahead and apply to these schools... but do raise your SAT, and do apply broadly to a full range of top 40s.

Also, I don't know about that essay topic. It's a chance for you to show who you are as a person - instead you are adding more detail about the things they already know (Israeli-American, NCSP). Use it as a forum to share the stories and experiences that cannot be listed on your resume. Tufts posted some essays they liked from the class of 2010 - see what makes them succeed, and why some are better than others.

Lonnie Said:

Do I have good credentials?

We Answered:

AP Calculus is a breeze. I'm currently taking it this year and you'll be fine.

Christopher Said:

Would I get into Princeton, UPenn, Syracuse, or Michigan with these credentials so far?

We Answered:

your credentials make me feel insignificant... you could get into practically any school you want to with those credentials... keep those grades up and get a good SAT score, and you could DEFINITELY get into any of those schools you listed

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