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Job For College Students

Mathew Said:

A job for college student that requires workers to wear a white shirt and a tie?

We Answered:

olive garden or any fancy restautants

Minnie Said:

Best job for COLLEGE STUDENTS! What do you think the best paying job for a college sudent is?

We Answered:

I worked 3 jobs while in college. Waitressing has a good point because the hours are always flexible. Walmart kind sucks, they take advantage of their empployees. Hey even ebay might be good if you want to do something for a few hours a day then spent the rest hitting the books. While in college. DO NOT carry on a full time job unless someone is understanding of your schedule. I have seen so many friends in the past drop out to work, now look at them- working the same boring job with regrets.

1. waitress
2. work in a mall
3. bartend is OK as long as its not interferring with school.
4. work at school
5. Tutor

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Paket Pulau Tidung said:

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icariin erectile dysfunction said:

I'd love to be a good old waitress.