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Job Opportunities For College Students

Charlene Said:

3 questions about part time job application for college student?

We Answered:

For salary, you can write "Flexible" or "Open." You should definitely put one of them, even for PT.

I left a job because it was dead-end. I indicated that I was "seeking a position with opportunity for growth."

Yes, commute is a good reason. You can write "Commuting distance" for that one. You can always explain in the interview if needed.

You do not need a former employer as a reference unless they specifically request that you provide that person's info. If you have to, you just make a note that the person is no longer there. I personally have 3 references: a former supervisor (the boss left), another former supervisor (who is no longer there) and a
colleague from a former job. I also occasionally use another supervisor if I need 4. As long as they are not relatives or friends, you can put their names.

Good luck! :)

Sally Said:

What sort of job opportunities are there for an English/Japanese speaker?

We Answered:

Maybe a missionary to Japan for, I'm Asian, and I really am serious. It's a possible viable option for you.

Scott Said:

What do you think the job market will be like in 3-5 years when current college students graduate?

We Answered:

It should be better in a few years. The economy's getting better as we speak. Real estate's getting better, unemployment's slowly improving, and consumer confidence is up, among other hopeful economic news. So, yes, the job market should be better when you graduate, compared to now.

Linda Said:

what college degrees will allow you to understand and create electronic things? and what job opportunities?

We Answered:

Electronic Engineering. I work with many EEs. I am a computer guy myself.

Daryl Said:

Is it difficult for older college students to make friends?

We Answered:

It's only weird if you think it's weird. You will most likely make friends with both freshmen and seniors. There was a guy who went from junior year to the minor leagues, tried it for 4 years and then came back to finish his senior year. He was like 25 and we were 20-22. Since we were seniors and there wasn't anyone above us, he hung out with us and it wasn't weird or anything. Just enjoy being immature for a bit longer! Also, it'll be a little weird hitting on high schools girls but damn, you got such an advantage and they might like older guys. Have fun and don't worry about being the old guy in town. At worst, you can hang out with the seniors but depending on the living situation (dorms, etc) don't alienate your neighbors. Make friends with everyone.

DON'T add a year just to add a year. Majors matter less than people think unless it's directly for a particular trade like teaching psych or architect, etc. There's no major for being a business person for example.

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