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Job Search College Students

Clyde Said:

How should a college student who's about to graduate go about getting an entry-level job?

We Answered:

Find out what the names of monthly magazines which are related to your field of interest. (Communications Inc.??) You probably know some of them.
Get on their list and check the back pages where they post job opportunities in that special industry. This will give you some contacts to get rolling.

Megan Said:

How do interviews work in a long-distance job search?

We Answered:

You should interview as soon as possible, so I'd pass on #3, since it may take a company a long time to get back to you after the interview anyway. Although if you are the right candidate they may come back to you sooner, but as long as you specify when you can start they will know at the beginning.

Most companies will likely phone interview you briefly first, at least to get a feel for your speaking and interests. Then they would want to have you come out if they are still considering you. You would also want to see the place too, since you never know if you will be comfortable or not unless you see it. I interviewed at one place and didn't like the way they set the office up so if I had taken a job there without knowing that I'd feel really weird about it.

Since you are just graduating, most companies will realize you may be moving and would not be local for interviews.

Companies always interview, unless it is a very entry level job where they just need a worker.

Joshua Said:

Where do I start in my overseas job search?

We Answered:

The best thing would be go to British embassy site of USA because information changes with regards to residency. so the rules will be different for you.

As for jobs here are few sites to start with:

Generally, students take up some course in other countries after which there is an internship which may lead to permanent job situation.

If you are seeking a job directly, you should present a good case to why the employer from UK should pick you.

Do check out if you are eligible for "vacation-work holiday" [am not sure the exact words] but here you are given 6months to a year to search for a job. This is not a tourist or work visa, but a visa to help search a job and then convert it to work visa. DO check this out as part of your research.

Anyways good luck to you and i wish you a great experience with work and UK culture

Michelle Said:

i am a college student looking for a summer job, what websites can i search for help?

We Answered: is a legit site and the list part-time jobs, summer jobs, and jobs geared toward teens. It's easy to use too. and are great sites to find work (I use them as a recruiter), but you do need to be careful because anyone can post to these sites (and they're free to post to as well in many places), so you may be exposed to more scams there.

Also, I would try your local major retailer websites, and any amusement/tourist attractions - any place that sees an increase in business during the summer, though you may be SOL because summer's already half over. Typically, companies start their summer hiring during Spring Break and wrap it up by late May-early June.

Samuel Said:

I am college student looking for a part time job?

We Answered:

I just graduated and I know how frustrating it is to try to obtain an on-campus job because they are very limited relative to the number of students. My best advice is to look for places/business around your campus that is in walking distance (or if you have your car on campus, something a little further away).

I couldn't have my car on campus so I actually ended up becoming a server my freshman year and by sophomore year, I was bartending. Bartending/serving brings in A LOT of money, esp. for a college student (As a bartender, I was making approx. $200/night).

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