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Job Search For College Students

Floyd Said:

I'm a college student searching for a part time job. I've been looking for about a year...?

We Answered:

Take any job and while you work keep a look out for better part time jobs. Don't expect to find a dream job with lots of pay and the perfect hours.

Nicole Said:

why does searching for a part time job as a college student SUCK?!?

We Answered:

It could depend on your major. I've worked a lab and hospital b/c of my bio major.

Work can also be found in really unexpected places. I asked my favorite history professor about his research project and he offered me $10/hr a semester to transcribe pieces of the Vulgate Cycle. I did this all on my own time, on my own computer. I earned easily $300 for typing a fascinating historical document on my own time. Talk to professors that you like, you may be surprised. Also working the school library has always been fun (and easy).

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