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Jobs At Hospitals For College Students

Harvey Said:

Would you consider housekeeping at a hotel a good job for a college student?

We Answered:

My first suggestion is to get a job as a 'waitperson' at an established restaurant. I did that in high school and college. I was able to pay my way through school, plus buy a car and pay for insurance, and have money left for clothes and other expenses. (But this was back in the '60's!)

The housekeeping situation sounds just fine. It mostly consists of changing the bed linens and cleaning the rooms -- dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning. It sounds okay to me.

But. in the meantime, keep your eyes open for a waitperson position at a good nearby restaurant. That's where the BIG MONEY is!

Raul Said:

What is a good job for a college student to get at a hospital?

We Answered:

In Hospital, most professional are well educated, if you are just a student, trying to go to school at night, find job learning may be medical record,nutritional department, social service, pharmacist tech. then see if you like it, then can go for more education later and continously to become may be social worker, pharmacist, nurse, nutritionalist, ocupational therapist, physical therapist, case manager, health care, need lot more years education to complish. good luck!!

Dwight Said:

Should I call the HR department at the hospital to see if there are any part time jobs in the cafeteria?

We Answered:

Walk to the cafeteria, and confidently walk up to the manager to inquire about a job. Your other option is to call HR. Your school should also have desk jobs and other positions worth considering--stuff that you could actually put on your resume.

Ben Said:

how would i go about getting a job at a hospital as a college student?

We Answered:

I think you should have at least some classes done before they could accept you. But i'm not sure. You probably can intern there and maybe you might get some money

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