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Jobs For 18 Year Old College Students

Lillian Said:

how much do you get paid in London if you are a young college student say 18 years old on a normal job?

We Answered:

Stores generally pay minimum wage or near to it, especially for teens they know won't stay around (college students generally go on to better things, not stick around in retail). Retail has high turnover, high stress, and low pay, unless you find a highprofit niche such as luxury item sales (exotic cars, highend jewelry, yachts, etc.) -- very rare for a teen to land a job there.

How much you work per week depends on the job. Many places won't hire students since they want fulltimers, not part time -- or want part time but regular hours. Others find that students are cheap labor and so work with them on hours in order to attract them as employees.

You might have some better opportunities available on-campus, in research or as a lab or professor's assistant, for example -- the pay may or may not be better, but they're more likely to work with you on hours, and it can be better job experience for your resume.

Katherine Said:

A good part time job for a 16-18 year old college student? (not good in busy places or under pressure!) ?

We Answered:

Unarmed security guard...they'll hire anything that breathes, and its generally a very easy (and even boring) job its so easy

Terry Said:

Ideas for High paying jobs for 18 year old that is still a full time student in college?

We Answered:

It is unlikely that you will qualify for a bank industry job right now with no degree yet and with many people on the street looking for work.

Grocery store chain jobs are ideal starter jobs. They will usually be open to flexing schedules for school. My daughter had her job at Albertson's almost all the way through college before she became a teacher. One of her friends started afterwards and he manages his own store now. This is a good job indeed and good benefits and good future for advancement if you decide to make a career.

Because these stores are often union, there are policies and procedures in place for how people are treated. There is no yelling or strange stuff that is a part of the restaurant/fast food world.

Best wishes...

Regina Said:

whats a good job for an 18 year old college student?

We Answered:

You can get a job at the college... I worked for 2 years as a manager at the concession stand in our hockey arena. You can work in the dining halls, library, or even just as office help for a department. Another option is tutoring.

You can also do research, if it's available in your field. I was a chemical engineering research assistant for a year. It looks great on a resume. If research isn't available, try to get an internship of some sort so that you can get the experience.

Lastly, you can always get a generic job: restaurant, department store, etc...

Good luck.

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