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Jobs For College Student

Ronnie Said:

Jobs for college student in Cincinnati?

We Answered:

The colleges many times will post job opening on a bulletin board or you can go to the career placement office to see what opportunities there are. However a lot of the jobs college students work are in retail such as restaurant or grocery store. Also with the economy still kind of weak, being able to find a job is a good thing. When I worked at Kroger during my college years, they were very flexible with my school schedule.

Courtney Said:

Student loans, jobs, college?

We Answered:

It sounds like you need to get a book from your library or bookstore about what it's like to go to college. There are many of these.

You won't have classes on Saturday or Sunday.

"Full-time" and "part-time" student is defined by the college. If you're taking 15 credits or more you would be a full-time student.

Whether it's wise to get a job depends on the student and how well he/she can manage time and the demands of classes and studying.

Most schools have a few single rooms. The likelihood of a freshman getting one would probably be almost zero, unless there were some type of medical reason. They also cost more than a shared room or suite.

Bathrooms are shared and "down the hall" in most schools. Suites would have one bathroom for, say, three bedrooms.

Edgar Said:

Are student assistant jobs in college hard to get ?

We Answered:

It depends, but probability is high it is more competitive now than it would be in the past due to the economy making people scramble for work. Students especially are being hit hard. So, yea, don't get your hopes up too high; apply to several positions not just one.

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