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Jobs For College Students In Baltimore

Adrian Said:

Two Parking tickets... Need advice.?

We Answered:

Sheck with the Public Defender's Office there, in California they have what is known as "HOMELESS Court", it may have another name, but they help you with tickets when it is a financial hardship, with either reducing the fine amount or giving you more time to pay, payments, or even looking into the fact of the validity of the ticket.i.e., the sign was obscured from view, or unclear as to the meaning of the sign.
Check it out! and Good Luck!!

Alan Said:

Low-cost health insurance for students?

We Answered:

They can't take you off their insurance until open enrollment rolls around.

Having no thyroid . . . hypothyroid isn't usually a problem for preexisting conditions, but the reason WHY you actually don't have that gland, COULD be a problem.

There's no "student" insurance unless your school offers coverage, and school plans tend to be pretty crappy coverage and no coverage for prescriptions. But thyroid meds are cheap.

You may or may not find coverage privately, but a good low/no deductible plan for someone in perfect health, would cost around $250 a month.

You can't get cheaper than being on your parents' policy, because they are paying for it.

Annette Said:

Are you a blip?

We Answered:


Gina Said:

I have been job hunting for 2 months and no one is calling. Does my resume suck? Help.?

We Answered:

It doesn't seem like you are qualified for any particular position. You have been bouncing between completely different fields. There are a lot of gaps on your resume (where were you from 1998 to 2000-no job listed for that time), you don't have any real education (undergraduate degree), the sentences are completely grammar inaccurate. From what time to what time were you in school, did you graduate? with what degree? If you are applying for a waitress or the kitchen to was dishes or something-they don't need resumes there. Otherwise I would advise you to change your resume.

Sylvia Said:

Should age be a serious concern for livingaboard?

We Answered:

There is a slight tendency for liveaboards to be older, but there is a number of working age people that do liveaboart. Only a very few with children however. In the marina's near where you are looking, there are many younger boat owners, who do not "liveaboard" but spend a lot of time on their boats. Particularly, during the summer, The economics favors retired and "settled" individuals, but I for one think it makes sense for singles just starting out. The big difference is that the "boat payment" is for ownership. And the slip rent etc. is just an expense, combined they are less than your typical rent. Rent is all expense........ then of course you are looking at Anchorage Marina which is is near both Fells Point and in Canton. One of the best areas for young people in Baltimore. Frankly I'm surprised more Collage aged people don't discover livingaboard.

Marsha Said:

You Must Read This!!!!?

We Answered:

i'm sorry that your girlfriend feels this way.

look at the bright side--at least you found this out NOW before you guys got married, had kids, two SUV's in the driveway, a big house with a mortgage, inlaws, etc.

geez, will the Baptists ever stop blaming all the woes of the world on us Catholics?

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do my homework said:

Students of Baltimore are luck that jobs are available for College Students according to the skills and interest. Normally students are worry about the job after completing the Education. Now in this case it's not happening. Therefore, I'm saying these students are luck to have jobs in the last year of the study.

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