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Jobs For College Students In Chicago

Mark Said:

Columbia College of Chicago.? and Michigan Film Schools?

We Answered:

Columbia College of Chicago is so-so. They are expensive, but you will learn if you are a self-starter.

My real suggestion is don't go to film school. If you must go to film school, go to one that is part of a larger state university.

James Said:

Where can I find a seasonal job during the holiday season in Chicago?

We Answered:

Go as Santa or an elf if youre skinny.

Ruby Said:

I'm a college student and I'm trying to earn some extra money for the new Blackberry Curve. Any suggestions?

We Answered:

you could try selling stuff on ebay. if you go into thrift store you can often pick up old records for a dollar a piece. Then turn around and sell them on ebay for like 2 bux plus S&H. so you might turn over 3 or 4 bux profit per record. add that up and you got a Blackberry Curve!!! you could also help people move furniture and stuff by posting on craigs list and earn some extra cash on weekends, or mowing laws for people too old and feeble to do so themselves.

anyways, just some ideas. hope this is helpful!

Christian Said:

New York City or Chicago?

We Answered:

Maybe I'm biased because Im a chicago boy but I love Chicago! People are friendlier for the most part, and because of the grid system in the street layout driving is easy compared to older cities like Boston. Chicago has a few nationally and internationally famous universities such as Northwestern Univiersity and University of Chicago (where the first atomic tests where held during WWII). Chicago also has a lot of free things to do, a lot of them are outdoor parks and sometimes there are even bands in Millenium Park.

Chicago is also known for being a "mecca", if you will, of architecture. It has its own style of architecture, "Chicago Style", where the first two stories are the same styled and everything above that is different. It would be a fantastic place to discover all types of architecture!

Its disadvantages are quite a high sales tax (14.25 I believe?) and the weather is absolutely awful! The sales tax problem can be avoided is you live out of the county (Cook County) and into a neighboring county (Lake, DuPage, etc) and commuted to the city. Commuting by train is easy, the Metra provides many rails that spread quite far.

If you have any more specific questions feel free to contact me!

Lester Said:

How can I get a job interview?

We Answered:

The way that I got a job once was to fill out my application then turn it in. Then about a week later I just went in and asked if they were still looking. Seeing how much I wanted to work for them - they hired me.
Also on the day of your interview as you are on you way to the interview drop a THANK YOU letter in the mail to the prospective employer , they should get your letter the next day and might remember you from the interview and they might like you.
Oh one more thing-- when filling an application or being asked questions I would not be afriad to make it look good. Real good---But it's up to you.

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