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Jobs For College Students In Nyc

Chester Said:

Why is it impossible to get a job in NYC with no experience?

We Answered:

well thats just not good enough because due to America's finantual status jobs are next to impossible to get. even people that have years of expirence over you still send out hundreds of resumes for months and can barley land a interview let alone a job. not to snap at ya but you will probably not get land a solid job until at least the 2012 election is over.

Beatrice Said:

Health insurance for college student in NYC?

We Answered:

You may want to consider a health savings account or at least choose a plan with a very high deductible.

This way you will have a very low monthly cost but if you choose a reputable company will still have coverage in case you ever get hit with a large medical bill.

Here is some more information finding cheap health insurance and specifically on finding health insurance in New York:

April Said:

How can i find a job in NYC??

We Answered:

Your school may have its own employment office or website where you can search for on-campus jobs or jobs that have been posted by employers looking for students at your particular school.

You should try: for jobs also. I've found several temporary jobs there (people looking for help with short computer/database entry projects). You can also look at: for focus groups (some pay around 100-200 for one hour) and other jobs that usually don't require previous experience.

You should also try contacting people at the Bryant Park or Union Square holiday shops because they were recently looking for people to help during the holidays.

Good luck.

Marc Said:

How do I get a part-time barteding job in NYC?

We Answered:

At 18, you're not allowed to bartend in New York. (You have to be 21 these days) but you can probably be what's called a bar back - those are the guys that haul the ice and replenish the bar for the bartenders. You're gonna bust your butt, but you should make some decent money. (You'd probably have a better starting wage than the bartenders, and many throw their barbacks a percentage of tips.) PLUS if you make nice to the bartender, during slow times, they might teach you how to pour drinks.... Start at a neighborhood pub kind of place. BUT, because NY is REALLY cracking down on the liquor-serving establishments, you *might* have a hard time.

Fernando Said:

I'm a college student with limited job experience. How do I find work?

We Answered:

You need to show those things that you have done in a format that shows the qualities you will need in a job. For example, if you were involved in school organizations, you can present things like leadership, project management, responsibility, etc. If you haven't even been in organizations, have you done class projects you could highlight, which would show some of these characteristics?

Lynn Said:

Healthcare job for Nursing student in NYC.?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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