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Jobs For College Students Uk

Jose Said:

can i work in UK for a year before college?

We Answered:

Do you mean you are already studying in the UK and want to take a year out?

If that is the case and you aren't from the EU the answer is that you can't. You're probably on an educational visa which is different to a work visa. You'll probably find that your visa is also dependent upon being in full time education and that if you aren't you can be sent home. You can probably have a part time job though while being in full time education.

If you are from the EU then you can work before starting college.

The best thing for you to do is contact embassy who will be able to give you a definate answer.

Walter Said:

How are college-bound students financed in the UK?

We Answered:

A lot of job education is only available through a college degree in the U.S. while in Europe most "jobs" are strictly regulated by the Guilds. You apply for apprenticeship and are entering job specific college plus hand on work at the business that hired you as an apprentice. The average apprenticeship is 3 years. Whether you want to become a Baker, Secretary, Electrician, auto mechanic... all these jobs are available through apprenticeship only. You do no pay for this education but get paid an apprentice wage from your employer during the whole time. (not a whole lot.... most of us stay with our parents until our job training is completed).

About the only field that completely relies on University teaching would be Teaching itself..... and yes, only the best test scores will land you a teaching position and of course if you want to become a medical Doctor. Even the Nurses... are entering their job through apprenticeship but have the opportunity to go on to higher level (journeyman to Master) degrees and/or specialize within their field after they have passed their apprenticeship. This is usually funded by the employer and/or determined by test results whether the person can go on.

There are restrictions... You have to pass the level tests or else you do not gain the right to work in a profession. Same goes with school... A pupil has to pass a certain grade level every year to be able to go on to the next year. This is extremely strict and yes, they will hold you back one year. Fail again and you will be sent to the next lower level school.

When I grew up (in Germany) we had more problems with student suicides over bad grades.... while teen pregnancy was unheard off. We don't discriminate between the sexes... both are taught the same courses and are academically challenged in the same way. We do not waste time on team sports in school. There is P.E. and that is it. No cheer leading squad, no football team, no Prom. I think we had one school dance a year starting around 5th grade or so.

The competition for grades is ruthless... the better report card you have in your final year the better chance you have to land the apprenticeship of your dreams or the University acceptance you wanted.

Germany has 3 levels of high school and you are tested at the end of 4th grade to determine which school you can attend. We do not believe that all children have the same abilities but literally separate by IQ. No amount of money can buy you into a public school. If you can't handle the pace of teaching you don't belong there and a lot of parents spend a fortune on tutors to get their children into the higher schools. Let's just say.... we are extremely well prepared to fit into the work place....most of us find working a breeze compared to going to school.

Jonathan Said:

UK college/uni students....please help =)?

We Answered:

no one will be bothered

Christian Said:

Do you have any good ideas of what a good job would be for a college student in the UK?

We Answered:

Work in London or another big city and it'll pay quite well, you'll probably get around £8-10 (US$16-20) p/h doing student jobs in bars/shops etc.

Or maybe you could start tailoring your work to your degree? It's only part-time but it would give you valuable experience for your future career and earn you more money too.

Good luck, hope you like it here.

I forgot to say, this website... a searchable database of all kinds of student work in the UK, it's good, well it's got me work in the past!

Craig Said:

Are there any students out there who went to college in the UK at 19?

We Answered:

what school did you go to

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