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Jobs In Boston For College Students

Kim Said:

Social scene young adults in Boston?

We Answered:

The Museum of Fine Arts hosts an "after hours" gathering for young professionals every month. I want to say it's the first Thursday, but I'm really unsure. Anyway, you get cocktails and intellectual conversation with people your age. Sounds like a winner (although I've never been, some friends of mine have and had a great time).
According to a recent newspaper article, the Gardner musuem will be doing an after hours thing, too. You just gotta look up the info.

Bertha Said:

Can I get into NYU, Boston College, or UVA?

We Answered:

Yes you should easily get in. Also look into Georgetown and Holy Cross which are similar to BC but better academics.

Kirk Said:

Chances at Boston College?

We Answered:

You sound very well qualified, but BC is so popular and is hard to get into. But best of luck, I hope you get in!

Kimberly Said:

job as an Alaskan deckhand during the summer for a college student with no experience??????

We Answered:

Truthfully, the work is dangerous and you get paid by poundage of fish (most places). It hardly sounds worth it. The tourism industry is HUGE here, and there are many other places to work for some college $, everything from driving a bus, holding a cruise sign @ the airport, to vaccuuming motor homes. Because the cost of living is high here, most salararies seem good. Many people come up here for summer jobs, but beware many never leave....

If you want to check out jobs here in the Great White North try or (local paper)

Stacey Said:

Boston College or Loyola College?

We Answered:

Hey, I got into BC, too. I think Loyola does have name recognition, but you will always have to distinguish between Loyola in Maryland and the one in Chicago. I think you should go with which one makes you happiest. It sounds like Loyola fits all your criteria and is a lot cheaper. Don't worry about name recognition, it will just give you more time in a job interview to inform them about your school and talk about what a great school it is. Good luck deciding!

Loretta Said:

Can I get into Boston College?

We Answered:

Admission is possible, but it will be difficult. The problem is that the ACT score is slightly below the 25th percentile and only 30% of applicants are admitted.

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