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Jobs In Michigan For College Students

Cassandra Said:

good jobs for a busy college student in michigan?

We Answered:

I reccomend you get a job at your college. I was planning on doing that myself.


Roberta Said:

College Jobs?

We Answered:

Just look for a job on campus or at a local market or something. your options are infinite. and by the way check your university's page and see if they have job applications for on campus jobs. good luck.

Emily Said:

Is there a good website for college employment percent and average starting salary?

We Answered:

Ha! Wouldn't that would be great.

Schools don't track this informaiton, and don't want to... I'm sure!! Occasionally, you will find a vocational school who uses this info for marketing pruposes... but I've never seen it used on any colleges.
The best thing I can suggest is to look on the below site and search for your desired occupation.
Good luck.

Irma Said:

How much to charge per man hour for landscaping in Michigan?

We Answered:

You have many considerations to think about. $35.00 per hour per person is a normal rate for many companies. So if you charge $25.00 per hour per person then yes you are cheaper. The considerations you may want to think about are insurance, bonding, etc.

Eileen Said:

Are there any jobs left in mid-Michigan?

We Answered:

I live in southern Michigan and there are less than no jobs here. People are lining up to work at Taco Bell. Seriously.

Nora Said:

Are there any jobs (particularly in indiana) where you can work several days in a row?

We Answered:

Do you live in Kalamazoo? Target has a distribution center there and the have three and four day workweeks - S-M and T-F. Chances are great that if hired you would work S-M second shift - it's not the best shift but it's where everyone starts out.

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