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Jobs In San Antonio For College Students

Marsha Said:

Illegals admit they are illegal to police why do they think the dream act should dismiss all charges aganist?

We Answered:

I am glad to hear they want to continue their education but they can't do it at the expense of tax payers. Sorry, they should not be getting any financial assistance and if they can pay then they should pay out of state tuition. It is not our job to educate and provide for illegals.
They can go ahead and go to college in their home countries. So ......

Julie Said:

What is with the Obsession or lies about good colleges?

We Answered:

I really think that the student make the school. The school does not make the student. The success of the school is base on what the student have done with their degrees. But it seems that some people assume that by going to a top school, they will be fed with a silver spoon in their mouth which is not true.


Caroline Said:

Can u check it for me plz and it is writing(4th grade) 10 points?

We Answered:

3 should be D.

Everything else is right.

Wouldn't this be considered cheating? Maybe?

Todd Said:

Would I be eligible for low income housing in Texas?

We Answered:


Cindy Said:

Would you hire a deaf or hearing impaired person as your nanny?

We Answered:

I kinda argee with the other poster
I bet you can get around easily with a hearing aid
(I have worn hearing aids for 15 yrs and wearing them right now)

I'm also mod/severe with a severe loss in the high frequencies and looking into Oticon Sarfaris *I'm 15*

BTW, learning and teaching ASL to kids is fun!

Katie Said:

Which jobs are hiring?

We Answered:

the good ones

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