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Journal Of College Student Development

Willard Said:

can you paraphrase this quote?

We Answered:

In what part of Alice in Wonderland did you find this?

Daisy Said:

What is your opinion?

We Answered:

IDK. but i found out a lot of information on a book called Smiles to Go its by Jerry Spenilli.

Hope this helps good luck!!!!!!!

Ruben Said:

What is your opinion?

We Answered:

Speaking of IQ points, I lost about 10 just reading this garbage.

Bruce Said:

What catagory of grad schools are for me?

We Answered:

please visit you will get your all queries solved there.

Lester Said:

Do you agree with new Reid ad New Angle ad calls Reid illegal aliens' "best friend"?

We Answered:

Not only Reid, but a majority of Liberals and Democrats, and unfortunately some Republicans seem to pander to the Illegal immigrant population. Democrats have always prayed on minorities, and new immigrants (legal and illegal) for their support base. Although I personally don't understand some of the pandering to illegals that we've seen over the past several years:

A) Given that illegal immigrants should NOT have the right to vote in elections, why is it that many states, including my own home state, are giving them driver's licenses - the one legal document that every polling station asks to look at?

B) Why is it that many states offer illegal immigrants In-State Tuition, without proof of residency in that state? I have a buddy who grew up in Oklahoma. He had moved away for school, and moved back to Oklahoma for grad school, and even after a year he still had to pay full non-resident tuition. While the same university gladly accepted illegals at in-state rates.

C) The current fiasco between the Obama administration and the Justice Department against the new Arizona law. Obama and many of his staff, as well as congressmen and senators of his party have confessed to not even reading this law, but they were quick to condemn it.

D) The SCHIP program which Bush vetoed. Bush was not completely against this bill - just the provisions to provide health care to illegal immigrants, and raising the age of eligibility up to 26. As soon as Obama got into office, his party pushed through this bill again, and it is now law.

Those who are running for election, or are already elected officials need to realize you answer to US the AMERICAN CITIZENS. We or our forefathers followed the law to become citizens. Those who break our laws should be given a path to citizenship ONLY if they return home and try to come back LEGALLY!

Armando Said:

Rape & Male perspective on the rapists?

We Answered:

I don't really have to have an article to tell me this to be honest. I've heard men speak on this issue and the overwhelming majority have felt this way.

Most men seem to get more worked up over the rape of a woman than they do murder of another man from my experience.

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