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Laptop For College Student 2010

Derek Said:

Laptop for college choice?

We Answered:

What's your major, and what will you be using it for? You certainly could get better deals for the same given specs, but if you want to stick to these three options,

the super-portable is good for internet surfing, word processing, and light gaming.

The standard option is the best for general work, it will do all the of the above, multi-task pretty well, and play 3D games with low graphics nicely.

The performance model is the best price for the given specs, it will do all of the above, give you fantastic multitasking and gaming performace, and mid-level 3D gaming graphics.

Please edit your question and say what you will use it the most for. NOTE: battery lives listed here are ridiculous, and I would be shocked if they were accurate. My laptop has specs a bit better than the performance model, and i get about 45 minute battery life under high processing loads like 3D games with high graphics. (and about 2-3 hours on power saver)

in short, the first will be the best if you care the most about mobility and battery life,
the second will be the best if you care the most about a balance between performance and battery life, and
the third is your ONLY choice for decent graphics. (good gaming, CAD, serious photo/video editing). The third also is the best price for the specs by far, but the battery life will likely be no more than about 3 or 4 hours on power saver if you're using it.(likely less)

Kim Said:

Which Laptop is better for a college student in terms of style, performance,price and durbility?

We Answered:

You can get a 10% student discount if you sign up at HP. With the radiance screen, 500gb hdd, and i5 450 cpu, it costs $1268 or so. It has a way better gpu than the macbook pro 13 and a newer and faster cpu as well. The radiance screen has a higher resolution as well with 1600 x 900 vs 1280 x 800 on the macbook pro 13. Although I'm not a huge fan of HP, HP's envy line is their premium line of notebooks, so these are an exception. It's built with high quality materials and not cheap plastic materials you see a lot in today's notebooks.

The only thing that the macbook pro 13 has it going for it is better portability, longer battery life, and much more intuitive touch-pad.

Bottom-line: If you're going to be gaming quite a bit and need to use it for more gpu-intensive apps, go with the hp envy 14. Otherwise, if you want portability and long battery life, go with the macbook pro 13.

Edward Said:

Need help picking a laptop? I'm a student.?

We Answered:

Don't know of specific problems with that particular model. However, HP has had the worst reliability record of major brands for the last 2+ years. See below:…

Probably better off with Asus, Toshiba, or Sony Vaio.

P.S. HP seems to make a lot of models that are prone to overheating. Then when they get complaints, they issue a BIOS update that simply makes the fan spin faster, which often causes premature failure of the fans.

EDIT: I already named the 3 brands with the best record as of late. But there are no guarantees. Every brand has a certain percentage that fails. HP has just had the highest percentage in recent history.

Mildred Said:

Sony vs HP for a college student?

We Answered:

The Sony Vaio EB looks like the best option. It offer a good speed due to the amount of RAM installed, and 320gb is more than enough for school use. If the battery is not enough for you, it is easy to buy a 12 cell battery for about $50-60. You'll still be saving money anyway.
For student use its perfect, but if you plan on gaming, video editing, or so, get one that is meant for it and has a good GPU.

Joseph Said:

How do the specs on this Laptop look?

We Answered:

looks like a brilliant spec mate, im sure you will be over the moon with this!

do you mind emailing me how much this will cost you? and what model you went for?
im looking at getting a new laptop myself

Alicia Said:

Is this a good basic laptop for a college student?

We Answered:

looks good overall, there are a couple things in the software section im noticing that you might be able to do better elsewhere with, something you would want to check. First is Microsoft Office. Home and Student is available for $125 with free shipping on amazon. If you are getting a better deal on it through Dell, Great!

The other thing is Dell's backup. Microsoft has a little known service called skydrive, 25GB of space available for backing up stuff for free. Its one of their "Live" applications. If you are paying extra for dell's backup service, its up to you but i would look into using microsoft's skydrive instead, it works seamlessly with windows.

One more thing, if you have a choice of antivirus, go with Norton over Mcafee, or if they cost money, there are free alternatives that work as well, avast, avg, and antivir are all good free antivirus programs. microsoft has a security essentials program thats a good antimalware tool as well and windows firewall is adequate for most people.

Clifford Said:

Would this be a good laptop for college?

We Answered:

After checking the specs and your need to going off to college. Those specs are more than expected (solid performance i3-370M processor, Bigger RAM 4GB DDR3, etc). You can do anything with this spec, multitasking or heavy program. YES, Just go for it.

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