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Laptop For College Students

Russell Said:

What dell laptop for college students that has video chat should i buy?

We Answered:

All Dell laptops with web camera come with video chat facility. You can install Google Talk or Skype software for your video chatting needs.

Go for netbook like Dell Inspiron Mini 10 - the Obsidian Black Netbook features

* 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Z520 Processor
* 160GB Hard Drive
* Windows XP Home, 3 Hour Lithium Ion Battery
* 10.1-Inch LED Display (1024x576), 1.3mp Web Cam


Justin Said:

What's the best Dell laptop for college students?

We Answered:

theres a bunch of dell laptop offers listed at

Christopher Said:

Which is the best Dell Laptop for college students?

We Answered:

I would recommend you to check out ( They have a recommendation engine that ranks laptops and other tech products based on ratings and reviews from a community of trusted IT professionals. They also have a cool personalization slider that lets you personalize the results based on the criteria that are most important to YOU.

Hope you'll find this answer useful...

Audrey Said:

What is a good laptop for college students?

We Answered:

My suggestion would be find a replacement on ebay, it will hold you over until you graduate and then you can get a nice, expensive model
I know a company that I purchased a Dell, IBM and HP from in the past year (all work great and were in better than described condition)
the website is

they are really nice to deal with and the computers are an excellent deal.

they have Apples, HPs, and they will work well to get you through school

Best of luck

Marion Said:

What is a good amount of GBs for college students laptop?

We Answered:

Hard drive is for storing the operating system, files, programs etc. and has no memory.
The ram memory modules empty each time a program is closed or the operating system is shut down.
You want as much ram memory (2 to 4 GB)and as large of a hard drive (160 minimum to 500 GB) as you can afford because as time goes buy you will find other uses for your lap top such as music, pictures etc. as well as your college work.
Best of luck in your studies.

Brittany Said:

What is the best laptop for college students?

We Answered:

Cheap ones are good, but do an assessment of what you want to do first of all. You need to ask yourself what you expect from your lappy. If you really like to game on your current desktop and do many extensive programs, besides surf the web, then you will really want to go higher into the food chain than a $400 model... I really suggest getting a Core2Duo anyways. You will be far more impressed longer into the future with one. Second if you game, look for a 9600 graphics or higher. This setup, core2duo and a 9600 should run right around $700-$800.
Now if you generally just do minimum things, then you CAN get by with a $400-500 model, but the choice is yours. The cheaper isn't going to be able to play any newer games at all.

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