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Laptops For College Students 2010

Kathleen Said:

Best laptop for a college student 2010?

We Answered:

Do not get less than 2 gigs ram. Just make that your absolute spec in all of this. You can easily upgrade hard drive space later, or use a cheap external drive.
HPs are both really good.

Regina Said:

What is the best laptop for a 2010 college student?

We Answered:

If price isn't an issue I'll be perfectly honest and say you should get a fully upgraded MacBook Pro 15" or 17" and install Windows 7 Home Premium side by side to Mac OS X.

Heidi Said:

What is the best laptop for a college student? that last for long period of time?

We Answered:

You need a top one then go for a sony vaio or Dell , best two brands in my opinion ..
The model you pick depends on your budget , so its your call :)

Luis Said:

Laptop for College students?

We Answered:

There are multiple sites that can help you narrow down your laptop options. A decent vendor is NewEgg and they have a Guided Search option. Click on PCs & Laptops -> Laptops/Notebooks. Next, click the Guided Search link on the left. From there, you'll be presented with a large number of options that may seem overwhelming at first. You don't need to change all of them, just the ones for the criteria you want to specify.

In your case, change the following:

HDD (amount of hard drive space - if you have a lot of video/music/pics, go for a drive that is at least 300GB)

Shawn Said:

Best laptop for Fall 2010 college student?

We Answered:

I know the perfect Laptop, It has 4gb of ram, 500gb Hard Drive, It's very light and It's battery life is 12 hours. Thats exceptional for a College student. I use a Laptop of the same brand similar to the one I'm showing you and I absolutely love it. It's an Asus Laptop, perfect for anything you need it for. Here's a link:…

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