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Laptops For College Students Free

Alfredo Said:

Is there any way of getting a free laptop for a student?

We Answered:

My friend got a free computer, but she had to do a mandatory tutoring class on the computer before she can actually use it. I think she had to do 100 hours. She did like 2 hours each day. Within two months I think she finished it, and they allowed her to keep the computer.
Im not sure about a laptop, but I can ask her.
If your interested, let me know so I can ask her about information.But she is a high school student, I dont know if it matters if your in college or not.

Jane Said:

Does anyone know if there are any free laptops if I am a new University student?

We Answered:

If you really can't afford one, do you really *need* one? Most campuses seem to like bragging about how many computers and computer labs they have available, and they're not bad if that's what your budget will allow for now. You can save up some money for a semester or two and then see if you can afford one if it looks like you really do need it.
My boyfriend get a new notebook from .

Hope this help

Neil Said:

Is there anyway for a college student to get a free laptop, if so where can I find one?

We Answered:

It's an Amazing Site


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(You have to hurry because their products are limited and running out, I got a FREE LAPTOP as well as something else, it is VERY COOL.)

Just sign up, and wait a week or two, to be qualified. They only select a few people who are qualified...It's worth checking out.

Anyone can email me if you want to visit this site.

Milton Said:

I got a free laptop at my college, should I sell my Macbook Pro?

We Answered:

I'd say that what you end up doing all depends on how much you need fifteen hundred dollars(which is what I'd sell it for if I were you), and how much you're attached to your laptop. Your current machine's specifications are quite a bit better than the one your college will be providing you. Faster processor, a bigger screen (undoubtedly a huge asset in an art-based curriculum), and more hard drive space for whatever media you'll be creating. If the laptops have the same software, which you say they do, then it really just comes down to your opinion. Do you want the money more? Or do you want your laptop more? Logically, I can't really answer your question because it just comes down to how you feel about the situation. But my advice: if you REALLY need the money - bite the bullet and sell your old machine on ebay. Otherwise, keep it - give it to a family member for safe-keeping or use it to dual-monitor with your other laptop. Also, may I ask what school you go to?

Good Luck!

Felicia Said:

Are there any free laptops if I am a new University student?

We Answered:

there are no laptops for nothing my dear. However you can get a reconditioned one fairly cheaply. You don't need a fantastic spec, a basic machine will do the job. You can get software like Open Office which is compatible with Microsoft Office and that is completely free. Good luck with your college course.

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