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Laptops For College Students

Theresa Said:

What are some ideal laptops for college students?

We Answered:

I think I have the "best answer" for you here.

For college, I strongly recommend the mini netbook, and here's why:
1. You can get one from for $99, and they are a legitimate company
2. They are the lightest weight, small units - I assure you that you do not want to carry a laptop around campus. Ask people who are already in college and they'll tell you. The systems are lighter than a textbook, small and simple.
3. They do come with an Office Suite - a simple one, but one that is compatible with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
4. They jump onto WiFi easily.
5. Type notes in class or write papers in your room, and use a USB jump drive to print in the computer lab.
6. Charger is the size of a small cell phone charger, rather than the ridiculous sized laptop chargers.
7. They sell almost exclusively to college students for these reasons - cheap, simple, small/lightweight, good for taking notes and simple internet browsing. And you can save the rest of your money for more important things...

Anyway, good luck and happy studies!

Barbara Said:

Survey about laptops for college students?

We Answered:

If the 15" and 13" are the same except for the screen size then its really up to you. the 13" might be a bit more convenient to lug around. The difference might be minor.

Wayne Said:

What are the best laptops for College students?

We Answered:

Honestly speaking I think you should go for a refurbished HP or Dell laptops

Why I am suggesting you these laptops because these laptops are great and also helps you in saving some good amount of bucks

So I think you should go for a refurbished laptops - Simply amazing and simply functional comes in great condition.

So check out these below mentioned links

Jimmy Said:

what is the typical size laptops that college students bring to class?

We Answered:

Actually, many professors have banned laptops in classes. People who bring them aren't taking notes, they're distracting themselves and others. Get a laptop you'll use in your room, and don't worry about bringing it to class unless you're specifically told to. Just get a pad of paper and a pen to take notes. The only person I ever saw using the laptop to take notes had a netbook, so it was small.

Elsie Said:

What are some good laptops for college students other than macbooks?

We Answered:

Try to get an HP windows. Macbooks are popular because they are most likely the best computer out in the market. Microsoft is going down. Try any Mac's even there desktop ones are pretty well equipped. But HP, Dell for windows are good.

Darren Said:

Where can I find bargain laptops for college students?

We Answered:

I'd recommend a Mac. For a low cost entry level student, refurbished ones can be considered ( If you want a PC, check out for the most recent PC laptop at a bargain price.

Donna Said:

What are the best laptops for college students?

We Answered:

HP has a great range of laptops. The thing to look for can be a bit harsh at times, but a few tips may make the purchase easier.

Pick a laptop that you will be comfortable carrying. If you have a long commute, i suggest that you stay around the 6 lbs range.

Just as the weight issue the smaller the lighter. 15.4 is a standard. Though 15's and 14's are becoming more prevalent.

A Celeron or Sempron processor is not worth the money. Even if 'it's a really cute one!' If you like AMD go with the AMD Turion, if you perfer Intel, Intel Centrino. There are new levels of the processors out, but look for those names.

No less than 512mb is worth the money. I suggest 1gig even if you are just browsing the internet and writting papers. With the new windows operating system coming out (Vista) memory is a good thing to be prepared with.

Storage Space:
This is the HardDrive. You will usually see it in 80gig or 100gig. Unless you do video editing or download a ton of songs to your Zune or other MP3 player, 80gigs will be fine.

DVD Burner vs DVD Rom:
Unless the price just soars when you see the DVD Burner, go for this option. No you may not be wanting to 'Make your own movies' but you will need to back up some data one day (and should do so at least once a month unless you dont use the computer) Also DVD Burners can burn regular cd's as well.

Glossy vs Matte Screen:
This is the last option i can actually think of and should not be over looked. Think of the environment you will be using the laptop in. If you are out doors you may have difficulties looking at a glossy screen.

Just keep in mind how you are using your new investment and the decisions will be obvious. As a place to purchase, I would suggest going to a Best Buy and asking for a 'Limited Edition HP' They are very well priced and are designed extremely well. I hope this helps... Best of Luck!

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