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Law Internships For College Students

Howard Said:

Do you think a big name law firm would try to get you to work for them free?

We Answered:

I interned at a law firm.... I didnt get paid.
Usually interneship, is working for free so you can LEARN. Thats what they give you in return, the experience of the job.

Erica Said:

Any law firm for students?

We Answered:

You need to talk to your friend and find out how she/he did it.

Julie Said:

Law School Question Regarding Internships?

We Answered:

Can't say without knowing your full transcript, employment history, and school activities.

There is no one way to get into law school. Law schools like a good breadth of courses, but if you go to a decent college the distribution requirements should take care of that. Some law-type employment doesn't hurt, but multiple internships is not necessary and could hurt if seen as an effort to avoid academics. My suggestion would be to do one internship and take a look at the weaknesses in your transcript -- then choose between English, History, Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy for possible courses.

Mae Said:

Internship Requirements for Law School?

We Answered:

It's great that you are already thinking about this - law school is a big commitment, both financially and emotionally. An internship at a law firm or even at the local courthouse could definitely help. Not only would it look good on applications, but it will also help you decide if law is something you REALLY want to pursue. Although this would be a great extra thing that stands out, you should be more concerned with your GPA and LSAT score. These are the number one things law schools will look at. If you want to get into an amazing school, make sure they are high. That being said, don't get caught up in what people say about how much a school's prestige matters. For some firms it does, others could care less. I work under two partners at a law firm in Los Angeles - one went to one of the BEST schools in the country and the other just went to some random, low tier school. Both do the same thing and are great lawyers (they're also getting the same income).

Good luck!

Debra Said:

When's the best time to apply for a law internship?

We Answered:

As the first poster said, internships are usually for those already in law school. However, you might try the local District Attorney or Public Defender's Office. They may have internships for college students.

Most internships are unpaid. If you get a clerkship at a law firm, that is usually paid, but again, those are for students who are already in law school.

No, it's not tacky to see if they are looking for interns. But, you might want to call instead of showing up at their front door.

A resume is not different for the internship; just change the objective.

Dustin Said:

Any American summer job programs etc for Irish students of law??

We Answered:

Have you checked out Bunac? You'll find them on the web, they maybe wont have what you're looking for but they're a big company in terms of Student work programmes.

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