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Leadership Activities For College Students

Maureen Said:

How to exclude Violent-Based and Harassment Campus Discipline offenders from leadership roles on campus?

We Answered:

As your administrator has told you, discipline records are confidential STILL. They cannot be revealed without consent of the person. You could require all candidates to sign a consent form allowing the Congress to investigate disciplinary records. Most school governments have this kind of form for grade verification, which is also confidential.

Wade Said:

What can I do to show leadership for college?

We Answered:

President or officer of a club or organization. Captain of a sports team. Student government.

Douglas Said:

How many extracurricular activities should a college student do?

We Answered:

Any future employer WILL NOT CARE what extracurricular silly things you do with your spare time, if it's not real world/adult/employment oriented.

Phyllis Said:

Where would these activities go on a college application?

We Answered:

Extracurricular :)

Brett Said:

I need ideas for internship in Educational Leadership (College)?

We Answered:

Career fairs/job fairs
School fairs
Reading through existing matierals - find a way for that to benefit you and the program: implement changes. Maybe find something that isn't working well, and implement a plan to change it.
Your list seems really great - just get as much exposure to everything while you can.
Oh, job shadow someone in your targeted career and get ideas from them too.

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