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Leadership Programs For College Students

Willie Said:

How good does it look to have done a student leadership program on your college resume?

We Answered:

It's all part of the big picture, and the more prestigious an institution you apply to, the more it matters to your application. If you are going to a state school and have good grades and can write a good entrance essay, it doesn't really make a difference. If you are applying for Harvard or Yale, you are going to want to have had a 4.0, done a student leadership, led a community charitable causes organization, headed the debate team, lettered as a starter in a sport, and be some kind of minority, preferably not asian :).

Seriously, it's all part of the big picture, it looks good regardless of where you go, but it is more crucial as you apply to Ivy League schools.

Tamara Said:

What is the Ernst & Young Summer Leadership Prgram?

We Answered:

It's just a networking program--probably includes get togethers, team building, perhaps social events--allows you to get a feeling of the office culture to see if you're a good fit, and they can try to do this same analysis on you. If you do well, then you have a better chance to get an internship interview, and ultimately a job. But internship slots are highly limited (compared to starting positions), so getting a Summer LP program doesn't really correlate well to internships or starting positions. Don't be discouraged if you don't get an intership offer--full time positions are more plentiful.

Claude Said:

Advice on going on a college trip?

We Answered:

Just be friendly but don't be too over-friendly. It is okay to have trouble making friends. Some people just aren't as good at it as others. Just keep trying, I think you just have to meet the right people, people that you really click with.

Seth Said:

I have been asked to create a poster for a student leadership program for the college I work for.?

We Answered:

Write a list of all the activities the program promotes - get some information on how they define "student leadership."
Then try to make some designs illustrating the various aspects.

The term "student leadership program," is just too vague to design from. You need more information to effectively create anything.

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