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List Of Colleges In Canada For International Students

Danielle Said:

College/University search help?

We Answered:

It has a series of things you can answer like what type of school you want, location, price, if they have certain sports programs, if it's co-ed etc. Its the BEST website out there to help you determine the best college for you. At the end of all these questions it'll give you the results of the colleges that match your selections.

Tony Said:

How to convince my parents to let me go to the science school?

We Answered:

Hi there, I am the Coordinator of the Ontario Science Centre Science School.

Glad you are interested in the school! I suggest you contact me directly and we can talk about what you want to get from your experience here and how your parents might feel about that. We should also get them to give me a call too.

Email the school:
Phone the school: 416-696-4620

To all those interested in the school our webpage is located here:

Our applications are due April 9th 2009 for the 2009/2010 school year.

Todd Said:

how much does it cost to for an international student to ....?

We Answered:

it varies from uni to uni. and the course u're doing. go to the website of the univ u wanna go to. it will tell u everything.
mcgill costs - bsc
Tuition 20,000.10
Society & other fees 339.24
Student Services/ Athletics & Recreation 504.00
Registration/Transcripts & Diploma Charges 253.80
Copyright Fee 24.90
Information Technology Charge 210.30
SSMU Dental Insurance*** 98.20
International Health Insurance*** 591.00
Total Fees 22,021.54

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