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Living Expense Loans For College Students

Dolores Said:

How Do You Take Out A Living Expense Loan For College?

We Answered:

A Financial Aid term for taking out money for living expenses or buying a computer is called "Additonal Funding". You may only be able to borrow this through your school with Stafford loans if your tuition is lower than what stafford loan limits are for a student with your grade level( 7500 for freshman,8500 for sophomore,10500 for Junior/senior,18500-20500+ for Graduate). If you do not have stafford Loan eligibility left, you may borrow private education loans. Choose a lender(bank) which offers lower interest rates and no hidden fees. One lender that sends money directly to you in "Next Student". Their site is Call them at 18776809879 for terms and conditions as well as interest rate and fees information. I hope this helps.

Lillian Said:

Student loans to cover living expenses while in college?

We Answered:

Most banks have a loan called an education plus loan, that you can get to cover expenses outside of your tuition. the loan works similar to a federal loan, and you can choose to pay on it during or after college. You can borrow up to $25000.

Patsy Said:

College freshman, on pell grant, am i eligible for safe student loans to cover living expenses?

We Answered:

Yes if your pell grant did not cover all your expenses you are eligible 4 ffelp loans...up 2 6625 (i believe) 4 a freshman.....just contact your school to see what lenders they go with...or u can update your fafsa and state u want student loans....if u need more than the maximum amount of a ffelp loan then u will have 2 get a private loan 2

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