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Living Expenses For College Students

Lee Said:

will I qualify for additional Federal financial aid for Online school for my living expenses?

We Answered:

Go to FAFSA website then look for their terms and policy.

Pedro Said:

How much are living expenses for the average college student?

We Answered:

That depends on how much you eat, what you eat, what you wear, what you buy...etc. Myself, I have my parents pay for my food, but generally it is still ramen noodles, dirt cheap. Otherwise I drink water so I just get that from the tap. Em, laundry, I come home on weekends and do it but sometimes the cost is included in tuition for some people but for my college it's a dollar to wash and a dollar to dry. Then you have to factor the cost of the detergent, which is very expensive. Clothing, shoes.....I don't get them often. The shoes on my feet right now are years old and breaking apart, but I still have to wear them. Then, if you go out to eat ever that's even more money (something I haven't done in college yet nor ever will...means skip the pizza that college students typically buy all the time)...then there is gas if you drive, a parking all depends. Basically there is no average and depends on how you choose to live and spend money.

Bernard Said:

College Students: How much money do you get a month for living expenses and what do you spend it on?

We Answered:

I am a college student living in the LA area. I could probably get away with spending $5 a month!! I have everything I need at school. I get snacks from the dining hall. I walk. I attend lectures/film screenings on campus for entertainment. Of course, I have a lot of miscellaneous expenses like travel, clothing, health/beauty, entertainment. I would say your allowance should be $50-$100 for freshman year. Now this is pretty generous considering most students I know do not get money from their parents at all.

Javier Said:

Are there any programs out there to help college students help pay for living expenses?

We Answered:

Yes. The programs are called 'jobs'. They're fairly easy to find, and easy to apply for.

Dana Said:

Which city would be better for a college student in terms of living expenses, Brisbane or Melbourne?

We Answered:

In terms of living expences, Brisbane is cheaper than Melbourne. The rest depends on your interests, Melbourne is bysier but rich in culture, Brisbane is more laid-back and has a warmer climate.

Juanita Said:

Do they have grants for living expenses for college students instead of loans?

We Answered:

Grants pay for all tuition including room and board as long as you have enough grants to cover it. They are used no different than scholarships.

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