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Living Loans For College Students

Tracy Said:

Are there any loans available for college students that allow you to use some money towards living expenses?

We Answered:

Federal Stafford loans will help cover room and board if you live on campus. You can talk to your school's financial aid office for help with applying for one.

Duane Said:

Loans..looking for loans to help off set cost of living for college students?

We Answered:

Are you concerned that bad credit will prevent you from going to college? While it is true that finding student loans with excellent interest rates is easier if you have a sterling credit rating, bad credit student loan aid is possible.

Bad credit student loans are also possible if your parents have better credit than you do. In this case, a PLUS loan, which is granted to parents and not to the student, might be the way to go.

Alexander Said:

Are undergraduate college students taking out enormous student loans for unmarketable majors out of ignorance?

We Answered:

yes, they are.

Everyone who has a passion for something creative will eventually end up living in a box while the rest of the world just fills to the brim with accountants.

No one can succeed with anything less than a degree in accounting.

all artists are morons. just like Da Vinci, Picasso, Dali, Kahlo and O'Keeffe.

none of them were very smart. or successful. right?

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