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Low Income Housing For College Students

Roy Said:


We Answered:

The college should have a housing department. If you are not going to live in the dorms you can use student loans to pay for housing, usually the entire school year in advance. There will not be a special list.

Edwin Said:

I looking for grants/funds for me.Hispanic, Low income, Commuinty College student.?

We Answered:

you already put in your fafsa right? look on fastweb there are alot of scholarships that are on there but it won't really help you for this year,

Richard Said:

How can a NYC college student get low income housing?

We Answered:

make your search for Housing lottery or Affordable housing keywords + NYC
one option here:… however, you have to meet certain criteria for income and others.
else, search roommate.

Bobby Said:

If your a college student (low income) and you have to pay a security deposit for school sponsored housing is?

We Answered:

Phone or email the housing office for an official answer.

There are two issues. One is that the housing office wants security that you will actually be occupying the room and paying for it or having it paid for by financial aid.

The other issue is where you will get the money to pay the fee for the room when it is due and has to be paid.

There are usually ways to coordinate these issues through the financial aid office if the housing office cannot help you.

Viola Said:

Can a college student apply for low-income housing? If so, how do you do it?

We Answered:

No, there are no public housing programs to house the thousands of college students.

If you can not pay for your housing and it is not under scholarship you are allowed to take out student loans to pay for it.

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