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Magazine Subscriptions For College Students

Tammy Said:

magazine scam... pleas help me!!!!?

We Answered:

i think you might ask the bank if they can put a "stop" on the debit from the company. If not, close the account. The company won't do anything, believe me. It would cost them a fortune to follow up on anything , especially long distance.

Rebecca Said:

magazine scam....please help me!!!! (freaked out)?

We Answered:

Try one more thing before canceling your debit card. tell them you want your $500 for your shopping spree, & see what they say. Then tell them well I have the phone conversation recorded telling me I won & unless you Stop this subscription & refund my monies or give me my $ 500 shopping spree as agreed in our initial conversation. I am taking this recording I have to the district attorneys office, I have already called them , & they say this a scam you have perpetrated & a violation of federal laws & will gladly take the case , & turn it over to the proper Agency to prosecute you, & by their suggestion this conversation is being recorded as well. & they will subpoena your records where you have me agreeing to the subscription, but also you stating I won a $500 shopping spree, as well as my recording of the same conversation as evidence. Hopefully they will stop the subscription. You may not get money back for issues you received , but you won't have to pay for anymore either.*

Jon Said:

What are your favorite science magazines/journals?

We Answered:

Nature and Science, of course.

Darren Said:

Need help getting out of this scam. Magazine Readers Service?!?

We Answered:

Hi w...,

My daughter was scammed in June 2009 by National Readers Service (Pittsburgh, PA), and I contacted them over a month later on her behalf. Her story has many similarities to what you’ve described (college student, $68.28/ month, "diamond" watch, refusal to cancel, and "reduced payment" plan offer).

Despite making no progress in her own cancellation attempts, the moment I informed them that a Federal Trade Commission complaint had already been filed and of my intentions to report them to the Attorneys General, the National Consumers League, the Better Business Bureau, and the Magazine Publishers of America they listened. They immediately agreed to close her account and refund her payment. In fact, the charge was already refunded to her closed debit account without our knowledge, and they mistakenly agreed during a follow-up call to mail another refund check!! (Thankfully, we never received that duplicate refund as the temptation to scam THEM would have been difficult to resist!!. lol) She did eventually receive a written cancellation confirmation letter, and HOPEFULLY it is over for her. Detailed letters of the entire experience were sent to the Attorneys General in both our home state and Pennsylvania for their reference as well.

Evidently, telemarketing magazine scam tactics of do not call violations, fraudulent solicitations, refusal to honor implied cancellation periods, deceptive disclosure of costs of their magazines (and other “third party” preview offers), fraudulent creation of multiple accounts and “renewals”, and abusive “collections” practices can be consistently similar regardless of the “company name”. Also magazine companies are notorious for not honoring verbal cancellations. If you choose to contact them by phone, be sure to get any cancellation (or other agreements) IN WRITING or send your own notifications certified mail with return receipt request.

If you believe any company’s business practices to be deceptive or fraudulent, I encourage you to report them to the Federal Trade Commission and Attorneys General regardless of the outcome of your dispute. While the FTC and AGs do not intervene on the behalf of individuals, multiple consumer complaints can show a pattern of fraudulent business practice, trigger official investigations, and make this type of business more difficult to continue.

• FTC complaints can be filed here:
• Any Attorney General can be found here:

If you want assistance resolving your dispute, your local consumer protection organization can be found here . I personally found my state consumer affairs division’s advice to be invaluable. Both my state consumer affairs office and the Better Business Bureau were willing to assist with arbitrations if needed. Additionally, you can find attorneys specializing in consumer advocacy here…

Specific suggestions for contacting and dealing with a magazine subscription scam company, links with helpful resource information, as well as, convenient complaint submission links to all of the agencies / organizations mentioned above can be found on my blog referenced below. (BTW, no need to apologize to me about to your “novel” … theNRSscam blog has ended up with a life of its own. lol).

Best of luck to you, D/

Cathy Said:

Whats the cheapest price a college student can pay for a TIME magazine subscription?

We Answered:

Have your parents get it for you as a gift? :>)

Wade Said:

which of the following is an example of a retail transaction?

We Answered:

3, the others are business transactions.

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