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Magazines For College Students

Jennifer Said:

are there free free magazine subscriptions for college students?

We Answered:…

Yes, check this out!

Carrie Said:

are there free free magazine subscriptions for college students who live in India?

We Answered:

yes there are…

Cody Said:

Suggest a good topic for a college magazine which will help college students?

We Answered:

College - how to succeed in school, prepare for the rest of your life and have a great time on campus

Virginia Said:

How to market to parents of college students?

We Answered:

Try social networking...

Social networking as a whole are becoming as popular as search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In fact Google bought Youtube® and started their own Myspace® type website called Orkut® and Yahoo attempted to buy Facebook®. Social networking is such a bonanza that doesnt even know their own limits of how large they will grow. Where does your small business fit in? Since they are free there is no money investment to make, but you will have to invest your time, especially in the beginning. You will need to take time to learn the site, set up your profile, and make friends. Remember, you are looking for ways to make the time you spend using this website as an advertising tool as fruitful as possible. Of course set up your profile with the focus of your business objectives and reaching your goals, and always abide within the rules set by the websites. Your investment of time is your efforts to build your network, because it will take trial and error to learn what is best for your business in social networking. Taking the time to build your network is the number one emphasis when it comes to social networking for your small business.

There are other emphasis which I will list below in no particular order:

* Try an individual profile as a representative of your business before you try a group profile for your business to give an idea of the time it will require to build a network
* Dont sign up for too many social networks, you risk diluting your message and emphasis.
* Share the networking responsibility with other employees or business owners once you have a business profile
* Dont be distracted easily, remained focus on what your business objective and building your network to reach your goals. If needed, set goals for building your network.
* Dont be afraid to get a little personable, people do enjoy talking to other people when networking, not just a profile on a website.
* Dont be random when searching for friends for your network. Its a waste of time, choose your friends carefully, and then extend invitations to their friends and their friends and so on.
* Alter your preferences on your profile to reduce spam and unsolicited offers. This will save you time as well.

Remember social networks can be people who are very passionate in one way or another about their cause so you need to be the same way concerning your small business on social networks. If you are its a very easy way to advertise and grow your small business on a budget.

Christopher Said:

Magazine subscription for college student?

We Answered:

I'm 19 too and obsessed with magazines! Getting magazines at college is so much fun : )
I get Teen Vogue and Nylon just because I have been for a while, but Vogue is a classic (and definitely not for old ladies! People that are interested in fashion would agree haha). Glamour's great too, but more about makeup and beauty and a little less about fashion; so if that's what interests you, go for it!
I just bought the fat September issue of Vogue and can't wait to peruse it.
Vogue's also great for images for inspiration or your wall or whatever.
Hope I helped!

Jaime Said:

What are the best magazines for college students?

We Answered:

College is the time to gather information, especially on current information as well as insights from other writers and critics:
Here are my suggestions:
1. magazine
2. Science and Science Magazine
3. Finances and Magazine
4. Travel & Geographic Traveller
5. Current

These magazines are fairly balanced and well researched in the articles they publish and the pictures are professionally taken.

Enjoy reading and learning !!!

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