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Marketing To College Students

Jill Said:

If you owned a car dealership, do you believe marketing cars exclusively to college students is a good idea?

We Answered:

What would be the point? College students don't have any money.

Lisa Said:

Will the Small Business Administration waste their time on a college students marketing plan project?

We Answered:

go for it. I met with SCORE when I was 22 about a biz plan, and they were very helpful. You don't have to tell them it's for a college class, just tell them it's your business plan....because it is! They will give you paperwork and help you out! good luck!

Wilma Said:

Any suggestions on how to market math help booklets to college students?

We Answered:

Talk to the publisher of college books like Aspen Publication or Wadsworth. Talk to the buyer at a college book store.

Miguel Said:

Marketing campus site to college students?

We Answered:

You could put notices on the old site to go to the new site. You could also put signs around the campus to notify people at the school. Put a whole bunch so everyone sees the signs. Besides that, you really can't do much more. Just try to make it noticed because it is possible that no one went to the old site because they didn't know about it. So advertise wherever you can.

Judy Said:

How to reach to the college students markets?

We Answered:

Social networking sites are a good start such as facebook, myspace, and twitter.

Andrew Said:

What is the best way to market to college students?

We Answered:

Oh thats cool I gotta check it out thanks

Judith Said:

I need an easy business to start and sell to college students.?

We Answered:

For college students, I think the telecommunications industry would be best. Every college student (as well as non college student) needs and wants some sort of telecommunications services such as local and long distance calling, Internet, digital or video phone services (parents love this, because when their son or daughter is away to college, they can still see them live in person while they're talking to them. It's inexpensive to have as well). Also things like Satellite TV or cellular phones. With the cellular phones, you can upgrade and extend someones cellular phone contract, put them on new contracts, help them save money on existing services that they already have. It's a huge market place that has always and will be in high demand for everyone. One way you make your money is after helping someone on an existing service, or put them on a new service, every month these people pay their bills, you make a percentage of.

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