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Medical Coverage For College Students

Danielle Said:

good medical coverage for college students?

We Answered:

In last three years i have had 3 different employeers. I jumped ship whenever i found a better offfer. From dealing with three different healthcare providers, i see few differences between them. Simply, thier pricing is very comparable to one another based on their decutibles and coverages. For example, my provider is a bit cheaper then what i hard a year ago, but the coverage is 80%, instead of 90%.
Suffice to say, i am skeptical you can find healtcare company X offering a similiar quality of coverage as company Y, but with a huge discount. If you do find such, please let me know.
Best of luck

Tracy Said:

How can I get medical assistance in WV?

We Answered:

Most colleges have a plan available to students. It is inexpensive and the benefits are very limited but it is better than nothing. Your other option would be to visit a local independent agent. This person knows the market in your area and can find the best policy for your situation and budget. Take the information from the college to the agent so you can compare. The agent doesn't charge you any extra for the service.

You may get answers here concerning medical discount cards. Be very wary of these cards. They are not regulated by the Department of Insurance nor do the people that sell them need to be licensed. This means you have little recourse when you have problems with the plan. If you are tempted by the low price and claims of “save up to 80%” be aware that very few doctors actually take these cards. It does you little good if you have to drive 4 hours to find a doctor that will accept the card. One state couldn’t find any doctors in that state that took the card and only one dentist who was on probation for unlawful activities so they banned the sale of the card. See this link… for more information. Many other states are starting to ban these cards.

Before signing up with any discount plan get a list of doctors. If they won’t give you a list consider it to be a scam. Call the doctors on the list to make sure they’re still taking the card (many don’t even know that they’re listed as a provider) and that they’re accepting new patients.

Judith Said:

where can I find a low cost full coverage medical insurace im a full time student?

We Answered:

HumanaOne. I dont know the number but look them up online. When I turned nineteen about eight years ago, thats who I went with because I was not a full time student and could not use my parents coverage

Antonio Said:

How is health insurance handled for medical students? I can't go without it!?

We Answered:

If you have your insurance company send you a certificate of credible coverage, your new company won't deny you because of your pre-existing conditions. You just have to have something saying you've had at least 60 or 90 days or something like that of continuous coverage with another company. I hope this helps!

Lauren C-B

Nora Said:

Medical Coverage in Boston for Uninsured College Student?

We Answered:

It's unusual for a student to be uninsured (at a university). Have you gone to the school clinic? Please do so tomorrow without delay. They're not going to turn you away because you don't have insurance.

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