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Medical Insurance For College Students

Lawrence Said:

do college students get medical insurance?

We Answered:

Yes, check with your Student Health Services office. Normally college students qualify for affordable health insurance. The requirement is to be registered for at least half-time status.

Best wishes!

Marion Said:

Why can't I get my medical insurance by doing online courses for college?

We Answered:

I agree, you'll have to talk to the school's insurance contact for an answer.

I'd guess part of it is that school insurance programs are tied to the school's student health services system and are heavily restricted, so that they become your primary care physician and most of your visits/labs/etc must be funneled through them. That's how they cut the cost down. In order to access those services you need to be physically on campus (or able to access campus)....and online students can live thousands of miles away. They'd be selling you an insurance policy that you couldn't actually use.

Ruben Said:

where can i go to get medical insurance, i am a college student, i have no job, and i need to go see a?

We Answered:

Your college may have a campus health center. My school charges $80 per semester to enroll in the campus health. Look into enrolling and you have access to different types of doctors without enrolling in a monthly health insurance plan.

Charlene Said:

Medical insurance for college student?

We Answered: - my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.

Audrey Said:

Where can I get chep or free medical insurance for low income individuals or for students?

We Answered:

Medicaid, it's welfare health insurance.

But I'd ALSO check with your college group health plan, it's PROBABLY the cheapest one out there.

Shane Said:

does medical insurance cover students for any college?

We Answered:

May I make an educated guess that the problem is that Heald and Kaplan are proprietary (for-profit) colleges and that the insurance company may exclude all colleges in this category.

If Santa Ana College is a public community college, you could stay there and earn your associates degree and then go on to a California State College, such as Fullerton, or a UC, such as Irvine. By that time "Obama-care" may have been enacted and you can obtain coverage through it if you do not continue your education. Good luck.

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Yes there should be a medical insurance for all students regardless of the field.

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Yes there should be a medical insurance for all students regardless of the field.

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