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Medical Internships For College Students

Curtis Said:

Biology and/or chemistry majors, pre-med students..... what type of internship did you do and where?

We Answered:

I'm a senior biology major and I've done several internships over the years:

In high school I worked as an intern in respiratory therapy at a small hospital. I did recieve pay as well as school credit (very little, but it was better than nothing). In college, I am about to start my second internship for school credit (for academic credit, not pay~arranged through my school). The first time I worked with 3 pediatricians and I'm about to work for an orthopedic surgeon. Last summer I worked for a clinic in Ecuador (no pay) that I found online. If you're interested in clinical international internships, most are volunteer based (and you usually have to pay).

I've enjoyed all of my internships and learned more about the practice of medicine instead of the bio/chemistry behind it. Knowing all the book knowledge really doesn't mean anything unless you can apply it so it's a completely different learning experience! Plus it's also great to see the different practice styles of lots of doctors to help you decide what type of doctor you want to be! Good luck!

Chester Said:

What are some things I can do as a college freshman in order to have a good resume in the future (Medical)?

We Answered:

Shadow a physician, volunteer anywhere, get research experience, get teaching experience, get a leadership position, keep a journal of your experiences, read about the field of medicine (fiction, non-fiction - Google pre-med reading lists for suggestions), work on professional development (communication skills, ethics, etiquette, etc.).

Constance Said:

Medical Internships for High School Students?

We Answered:

I don't know about internships, but you could apply for a part time job at a clinic, a hospital, or at a hospice/retirement home. I know all of those places accept high schoolers.

Floyd Said:

Im looking to become a Psychotherapist, Can I go to college and medical school at the same time?

We Answered:

Do you want to pursue becoming a psychologist or psychiatrist...different routes. First, no you cannot need a bachelor's degree before you can pursue graduate study in psychology, or application to a medical school. They are required prerequisites. To become a clinical psychologist....after the take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam)...graduate school will take 6-8 years. After doing original research for the master's, and again for the doctorate (plus passing pre-lims), and one year internship, you are awarded a Ph.D. You then must pass a licensing exam.

If you pursue becoming a psychiatrist, application to med school and another 8 years of study. There is no "short cut". For more info on becoming a psychologist (psychotherapy is the name of a type of therapy) go to and do some reading. (psychology professor)

Fred Said:

Should I attend at University of Maryland College Park if I pursue medical path ?

We Answered:

Both schools are fine for pre-med, but CP is better for research opportunities as it is larger.

Terri Said:

I'm a college student looking for a job in the health care field. What are some suggestions?

We Answered:

I would go to your college career center. They will really be able to help you more. When I was in college I went to the career center, which was very helpful. They showed me listings of internships with or with out pay, and also part time jobs with pay. The jobs they offer to you will most likely depend on your major, and also what your interest is. If your confused about what you would like to do, the career center is very good at helping you take the next steps. So visit your college career center and go from there. Some suggestions as to what jobs you can apply for is research jobs pertaining to the healthcare field such as research assistant. Some research jobs are really good at offering internships, and also jobs primarily for the summer.

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