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Messenger Bags For College Students

Derrick Said:

Is this messenger bag appropriate for a male college student? ?

We Answered:

I love it. You got good taste. In fact I would consider using that. I know its for guys but I don't care. I could use something like that I am going to be a freshman at UCLA.

Christy Said:

Messenger bag/ Backpack / tote bag for commuting college student in the city?

We Answered:

The SwissGear Syngery backpack is my recommendation. It has a special padding spot for the Macbook Pro computer up to 15", holds the charger. It's very possible to fit more than one textbook in and some binders in. There's a special pocket on top for easy access to phone and wallet and a small pocket clip in the front for the keys to hang on. It's not too professional nor too old.

I have one myself and often travel on train and bus with it. Even during rush hours, the bag fits nice and snuggle between the legs. I often carry my powerbook, textbooks, and gym clothes and towel in it and it does feel heavy. That's why there's a stable padding for the back and a clip to hold the arm ropes together so the bag doesn't pull your shoulders or hurt your back.

Hope this helps

Franklin Said:

College students: do you use a backpack, messenger bag, or tote bag for school?

We Answered:

When I was an undergrad. . . backpack, most definitely. I was often carrying a whole day's worth of stuff around all the time, and anything else weighing 20+ lbs. would undoubtedly have gotten much more uncomfortable in time. They make ones with some pretty decent laptop sleeves built in now, so there's yet more reason to love backpacks.

(I still use a packpack as a grad student, although it's used differently now since I have an office and a desk on campus to hide things in all the time.)

Tina Said:

Is the jansport motown messenger bag too small for a college student ?

We Answered:

Its length and width are about right for letter-sized paper, and it's 3 1/2 inches deep.

I would go with the Elefunk if I were you: it has an extra 2 inches of depth and it's a bit longer and wider, too.

Bill Said:

Best messenger bag for female college student?

We Answered:

best brand i'd say is Jansport.....they're strong and last longer
they're avalible in any sports gear store

Cecil Said:

Large laptop bag for college student?

We Answered:


They have a pretty wide selection. I bought a backpack from them to carry my laptop. It's pretty sturdy, but the only con is that it doesn't collapse at all, so as one person put it: I look like a ninja turtle when I wear it. Getting a normal case though would be fine.

Dell also has bags, though most people I've seen here at school have the backpacks.

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