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Money For College Students

Emily Said:

Where can adult students get money for college?

We Answered:

You can get federal Stafford loans regardless of your credit score or financial status. Most schools offer financial aid orientations as well. I don't know what your financial status is, but you could possible qualify for some other type of federal funding, you need to talk to the financial aid office at the school you plan on attending and fill out a FASA form. You could also go to and see if you qualify.

Margie Said:

Sholud the gov'mt be selective in the major allowed when giving money to college students?

We Answered:

Aside from the question of whether various subjects add to our understanding, knowledge, ability, and creativity (including inventions such as medical advances, space travel, water desalination, etc., etc.,) as a society, a culture, a country, and/or the world, the education the government pays for is extraordinarily miniscule particularly in light of the cost of college today & the ancillary costs of going to college.

But, before I go on, I must say, there is massive research and evidence supporting that such things as art influence major scientific advances in unexpected ways. Understanding women sheds light on human behavior which is knowledge of people, society, etc., etc. and which is important for myriad things (e.g., laws that work, criminal deterrance that works, how to motivate workers, etc., etc.)

Anyway, such a question surely comes from someone who would also advocate less government intervention in our lives. Do you see the contradiction in saying for govt to get out of our lives and at the same time saying govt should dictate our college majors? So, if you force someone without talent in a certain area to study that area, what do you get? Failure? Mediocrity at best? Your logic is deeply flawed.

If we don't understand sociology, how do we develop effective marketing strategies? If we don't study art, how do we make amazing films (educational and entertainment varieties), who will design products (including weapons, cars, etc., etc.)

Your question reminds me of when China decided birds were an annoyance and tried to wipe them out - that is, until the insects starting reaping the rewards of the Chinese govt's stupidity.

Maybe we need more intelligence testing in this country with civil rights & liberties being granted incrementally according to one's IQ scores.

Jeez. Go read a book! No, go read a library.

Terri Said:

Why do college students have to purchase their books for class?

We Answered:

The problem is exactly that; universities are not high schools. They require much more money to run and cannot function solely on tax dollars like high schools do (i think). They are much larger and have more staff and faculty who need to be compensated. Universities need as much money as possible to do research and experiments in subject areas. Those grants they get go straight to some project they are working on.

Arthur Said:

How Can College Students Making Money Online?

We Answered:

I'm a university student right now, and I'm doing drop shipping.

The only for real, no BS way to make money online is to either sell something, or help somebody else sell something.

Two methods to get started that don't require a lot of money upfront (but they still require SOME), are drop shipping and affiliate marketing.

Some people make six figures doing drop shipping, some make six figures doing affiliate marketing. These are far from typical results however. Probably 90-95% of people who try either are not successful. The most difficult is finding the right offer (if you're doing affiliate marketing) or finding the right niche (if you're doing drop shipping).

These will take time however, and there is a learning curve involved.. and this is what gets most people. These are what provide full time incomes for a lot of people however.

Good luck :)

Joseph Said:

Is there money for older college students too?

We Answered:

Yes. He can fill out the FAFSA and apply same as everyone else. The only difference is that he won't be required to report parent income. Depending on hiw current financial situation this can be good or bad. Independent students often find that they don't qualify for as much as they did when they were living with their parents.
Here's the website of the form he should fill out. Beware of scams it's a government website and any website requiring a credit card is not the real FAFSA.

Danielle Said:

Pocket Money for College Students?

We Answered:

Work in a restaurant. Online opportunities are never reliable.

Nancy Said:

Money promised to college kids from Obama?

We Answered:

No, you will not get money, you will get a tax credit on some of your expenses…

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