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Monster For College Students

David Said:

How can i find a job in my area? For a second year college student?

We Answered:

If you don't mind giving up your summers, and depending on what part of the country you're in, there are some great jobs fighting wildfire that pay well and would afford you to keep hitting the books hard and heavy. But seeings as how the school year is about to start and you're making this post you're probably broke like most college students. I would recommend a local temp agency in your area (see phonebook) to get you on your feet. These will be terrible jobs but with decent pay. Once you are up an running there are companies that will build you a resume and distribute it for 25 or 30 bucks. I did a bit of research and here is an agency (Professional Job Finders) that have a 91.8% success rate at getting people like you hired.

Here's their link:

Hope this helps and good luck!

Marcus Said:

How can I become a promotional model for products like Coke, Red Bull, and Monster?

We Answered:

Those jobs are booked through promotional modeling agencies. Most big cities have them - look in the yellow pages under promotional modeling or event modeling. You don't need a portfolio to be a promo model - you just need to be outgoing and decent looking. Your personality is even more important than your looks. You usually make $15-25/hour as a promo model depending on the job you are booked on.

Next time you see promo models on campus, in a mall, in a department store, in a bar, etc go up to them and ask which agency they are with - that way you'll know which agencies are actually getting work for their promotional models.

Most promotional agencies don't require exclusivity so you can be registered with several agencies to increase your chances of getting more work. I was signed up with 3 different promo agencies when I first moved to NY and did everything from Lancome fragrance launches at Macys to Bacardi promotions in bars/nightclubs to handing out free Trident Gum in Times Square

Roland Said:

Is there a site like for college students specifically?

We Answered:

Unless your college provides a free posting site, then you're pretty much stuck with Monster. Remember that millions of people post on the site and the employers who usually contact you for an interview are those which want you to sell stuff on commission.

Internet resume posting is a big waste of time in my opinion. I had a lot of experience and posted my resume there for about a year with only calls from the "You want to sell insurance" people.

Best bet is to find some companies you're interested in and send the resume directly to their Human Resources department and then follow up like crazy because they also get tons of resumes.

If you're looking 2 years out, you need to write specifically saying you are interested in their company and what do they recommend you do to increase your chances for an interview in 2 years when you graduate.

Robin Said:

What are companies geared towards college students?

We Answered:

There are many companies that provide services for college students such as:
a) tuition and coaching;
b) recreation needs;
c) typing of assignments and theses;
d) job search;
e) accommodation;
f) financial advice and counselling.

A couple of specific companies are:

W.M. Keck Foundation……

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